X7 vs. X7 Phenom

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Tippmann has been around since 2004 and has become a household name in the Paintball world for manufacturing military-style paintball Markers. This is similar to the Tippmann X7 and X7 Phenom.

The most significant difference is PSI settings and technological advancements.

Both come with realistic styling and the quality that comes with the Tippmann name. The first model, X7, will have the capabilities expected from an essential, standard paintball marker.

The X7 Phenom will have technological advancements that stabilize, improve firing speed, and create a smooth shooting experience.

Which One is More Popular?

At this point in the Marker manufacturing process, there is going to be a significant number more sales of the X7 Phenom.

The X7 Phenom was one of the more critical technological upgrades, which can be seen with the development of the FlexValve triggering system that can operate at lower pressure levels and still deliver a smooth firing experience.

A player would be right in forgoing the X7 model and going with the newer X7 Phenom model, and this will, in effect, give you the better version of Marker, skipping the unnecessary upgrading process.


Which One has More Quality?

This is quickly answered by the upgraded FlexValve technology that comes with the X7 phenom model of Marker and the other improvements that came with the newer version of the Tippmann X7.

Then, of course, there will also be the stabilizer features and the upgraded recoil spool, and it comes in a smaller package which helps with the mobility desired from close-quarter combat athletes.

The original model was built with the higher standards expected from Tippmann, but the new X7 Phenom will be that next-level, bar-raising Marker that intermediate to advanced player’s desire.

Again, this will be for the player with a higher standard for their equipment than a casual player.


Pros and Cons: Tippmann X7 vs. X7 Phenom

The pro of the Tippmann X7 original model was the solid, sturdy build that comes with purchasing a Marker from the company. The con is the lack of technological updates, which resulted in Marker’s higher-performance X7 Phenom model.

The newer model comes with a wide assortment of upgrades to the system, built around the upgraded flex valve technology, which improved the entire firing mechanism.

The improvements can be felt in the fire rate, the recoil reduction, and the accuracy that comes with the new technology.


Price Range: Tippmann X7 vs X7 Phenom

The older Marker could have held its value better; the Tippmann X7 will have price tags as low as the twenty-five-dollar price found on an auction site, but also, there are some nearly brand-new products out there that will cost a person around three hundred dollars.

There will also be the outlier special edition or signed Marker that will change these results.

The newer version of the X7, the Phenom, will be the more expensive, with prices that will stay within the range of one hundred fifty and upwards of nearly four hundred dollars.


Final Verdict: Tippmann X7 vs. X7 Phenom

Though the older model Tippmann X7 Marker is one of the cornerstone developments in Paintball’s limited history, there is no doubt the preferable choice between the two will be the newer model Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker.

This is because far too many technological advancements will need to be considered when comparing the two, most of which include firing efficiency and stability (reduced recoil).

Tippmann has been around for over a decade and has become a leader in manufacturing military-style paintball markers that push the limit of imagination when playing, practicing, training, or striking out with friends on a casual face-off.