Cheap Paintball Pistols – Budget-Friendly Deals – Plenty of Fun in 2023

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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It’s hard to find cheap paintball pistols that are worth anything these days.

Paintball and cheap may not seem like two words that should go together in your mind.

After all, when you look online, you will see the best paintball pistols that can cost up to $350, and that seems like a high price point to have some weekend fun.

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Then there is always trying to decide which one to buy, too.

Your paintball fun does not have to be super expensive!

There are several good quality paintball pistols out there that don’t break the bank.

The pistols still give you the chance to have as much fun out on the paintball field as the guy running around with that $350 paintball pistol.

Cheap Paintball Pistols Buyer’s Guide

The last thing you want to do for some fun is feeling like you wasted your time and money, right?

So, let us take some of that worry out of the process by giving you some key things to think about when considering picking yourself up a paintball pistol.

Price Range

Cheap in the paintball pistol world usually means $60 upwards.

But there are a few cheaper versions of paintball pistols that will be way gentler on your wallet.

These options can be as low as $30.

So, if whether you are looking for a cheap way to have fun or a great cheap gift, the price point should be one of the first things you look at.


Even though you are trying to keep the expenditure to a low threshold, quality is always something to consider.

The more play you get from your purchase, the more you stretch your money.

The longer lasting paintball pistol means that even if you didn’t want to initially part from your money, you will get the most bang for the buck.


The reason you are considering this purchase is the most important thing to be thinking about.

Are you buying for some cheap fun?

Do you think it will be a great gift?

Who are you buying this for?

All of these could be questions that change your decision on which paintball pistol you should buy.

So, can I find a cheap pistol that is any good?

It depends on your intent.

Maybe you are looking to join the MilSim squad and work your way into tournaments.

If that is the case, then I think you should expend a little more money to get all the cool features and benefits of some of the higher performing pieces.

However, if you are simply looking to have some fun and aren’t looking to make this an every weekend hobby, then there are decent choices out there for you.

Cheap Paintball Pistols in 2023

Now that you know a few things to think about when looking at purchasing your new paintball pistol let’s look at a few of the best options out there for you.

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit

Cheap Paintball Pistol with Best Quality


The JT ER2 uses the traditional Co2 cartridges.

It also utilizes the standard .68 caliber paintballs.

These features make the JT ER2 a great starter paintball pistol.

This pump action paintball pistol comes with safety features like the barrel plug, a ball stops system and an anti-double pump feature.

On top of being an economical choice for your weekend paintball excursions, the JT ER2 brings another great feature.

Its pump action has an anti-chop technology to ensure a smooth shooting experience.

When purchasing this pump action paintball gun, the package will include a few things.

Not only do you get the marker but also three paintball tubes with a 10-round capacity, the paintballs to fill the tubes, a barrel plug, the manual, and Co2 cartridges.

This kit has everything you want so what is the final verdict on this paintball pistol?


With the low price tag and all the features that this pistol offers, the JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit is a great way to get a starter.

It provides a perfect shooting game and has so many safeties feature you will never worry when hitting the paintball field.

The price and these features are why it is the cheapest paintball pistol with the best quality.

Pro: Accurate and inexpensive paintball pistol

Pro: Ready to go right out of the package

Con: No ability to adjust paintball velocity

Con: Doesn’t look as cool as some of the other models

JT Splatmaster Z100 Paintball Pistol

Cheap Paintball Pistol for Kids


The JT Splatmaster is the perfect gun to get your kiddos in on the fun.

The pistol uses.

50 caliber paintballs which are vastly safer than the standard.

68 used in most other paintball guns.

As for its air source, the fact that it uses a spring system instead of Co2 cartridges means less velocity on the ammo and therefore less impact.

It also comes with a barrel plug and is slightly smaller than the standard paintball pistol.

The pistol comes with a reusable target and the manual as well.

So why is this the best budget-friendly paintball pistol for kids?


If you want to get you and your kid out there for some quality time, this paintball pistol is the perfect one for you.

With its focused-on safety, the design of the Splatmaster is ideal for use by kids.

The lightweight kid-friendly design decreases the chance of injury due to the lower velocity of the projectiles.

Pro: Affordable price point

Pro: Super safe for everyone including kids

Con: Not the most accurate paintball pistol

Con: It may not last if others due to its durability


The idea that paintball needs to be an expensive outing is popular but not accurate.

The guide above showed you just a few of the best options and what you should consider when looking to purchase a new paintball pistol.

We hope the information laid out before you has answered all those questions that were milling around in your brain.

You know the ones like: Which one should I buy?

Which paintball pistol will allow me to get out there without having to take out a loan?

Now all that’s left is for you to get out there and pick up that perfect paintball pistol for you or that friend or family member.