3 Azodin KPC Upgrades To Dominate Pump-Action Paintball in 2023

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

If you’re looking for the best Azodin KPC Upgrades, then you’re in for a treat.

The Azodin KPC is one of the best pump paintball markers for any new recruit to the world of MilSim.

And if you have not picked one up, then go check out our Azodin KPC review.

But just like with any marker you purchase, you can always upgrade it to enhance the efficiency and accuracy.

Azodin KPC Upgrades Written in White Letters on a Blue Background

The upgrades on your marker are what will show the rest of the veterans of the paintball world that you mean business.

And you’ll show them that you are more than just a regular newbie.

In fact, with these few upgrades, you will prove your worth to the rest of the players and separate yourself from the rest of the new recruits.

So, let’s see what’s up with the Azodin KPC and how we could elevate our gameplay.

What are the best Azodin KPC Upgrades?

The release of the Azodin KP3 comes at a much higher price point.

So, the folks over at Azodin decided that they needed to offer something for their less affluent patrons.

Enter the re-release of the Kaos pump.

The new and improved Kaos pump, also known as the KPC, sticks to what brought it to the party a budget-friendly price, minimal upkeep, and durability.

But along with these tried and true features, the marker also includes:

  • Body construction using a half-block design
  • Rod and guide made of stainless steel
  • Co2 and Compressed Air compatible
  • Feed neck with a screw lock
  • Reversible hitman plate
  • Feather regulator that comes already set
  • Plaited airline
  • 14-inch one-piece barrel (.68 bore)
  • Solo trigger construction
  • Bolt with rapid disengagement

With all these cool features that create a pump marker that is dependable and efficient, how could there be any way to make it better.

Check out some of these upgrades that we suggest and watch that KPC become the pieces that elevate your combat filed reputation.

Azodin KPC ASA

Even with the built-in inline ASA, you may want to take a look at upgrading it.

One of the best pieces to do that is the Azodin On/Off Bottom ASA.

This upgrade will come with the following features and benefits:

  • Compatible with most models that have standard dovetail mounts
  • Easy release of built-up air for tank removal
  • Knob modification with limited resistance
  • Stock threads for the ASA
  • 1/8” ports that are double sided

With an enhanced ASA that allows for safer removal of your air tanks, you will have more time to be in the game.

Now let’s talk about accuracy and efficiency.

After all the more time you fire up, the more you have to execute your combat exercises to the fullest.

Azodin KPC Barrel Adapter Kit

You want to enhance your accuracy and efficiency than making sure that you have the correct boring on your barrel is a significant concern.

In the past, some of the kits that would help the paintballers to make this adjustment had a hefty price tag well into the $100s.

That coupled with the fact that markers have gradually become more compact meaning that the balls have followed suit.

The TECHT’s iFit Barrel Adapter Kit addresses both of these problems.

With this kit you get all of these features and benefits:

  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Adds 1 ¼ “ to the barrels compression length
  • Includes one adapter for each standard marker threads
  • Available in two kit sizes (6 pieces and 9 pieces)
  • Filler kit (3 inserts) available

With the increased compression length, you can now guarantee a better shot and smoother one too.

The barrel also plays a part in that equation so let’s take a look at a fantastic upgrade you can add to your marker.

Azodin KPC Barrel

The stock barrel is a powerful piece, and there is no reason why you can’t grab this marker straight from the box and get out there on the field.

But if you want to make an impact on that battlefield, then you should check out this upgrade.

The Empire Driver XX barrel will give you all of these advantages and qualities:

  • x2 piece barrel with standard bore
  • Length of 14-inches total
  • Interchangeable pipe barrel backs in multiple sizes
  • Accuracy enhanced by corkscrew porting and an extended length control bore

This upgrade has so many extraordinary advantages to give your marker you would be crazy not to consider grabbing yourself an Empire Driver XX barrel.

After all who doesn’t want to be more efficient and accurate when implementing those combat exercises with the rest of your platoon.

Final Words on Azodin KPC Upgrades

The upgrades in this article are some of the most important to consider.

And with the low cost of entry into your MilSim games with this marker, why not go for it.

This marker, in tandem with these upgrades, will make you stand out on the field and show those seasoned veterans that you mean business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Azodin KPC Review – Every Pump-Action Paintball Must Read [2023]

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

In this Azodin KPC Review, we’ll show you why this marker could be precisely what you need.

Empire Sniper Review written in white letters on a blue background


    • Price
    • Lightweight
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Trigger sensitivity


    • Some reports of locking feed neck
    • Level of noise


The pros far exceed the few drawbacks.

There are so many choices for a new paintballer to make, but the first and most important is which marker you are going to get.

The plethora of options can be overwhelming for sure.

So how do you find the right marker for you that will not only fit your playing style but build your reputation as a MilSim player that means business.

Most of us will reach for our computers and start typing trying to research everything we can.

And that is understandable.

So, as a way to help you out, let’s talk about one of the best pump paintball guns: the Azodin KPC.

Azodin KPC Review

A reboot of the highly successful Kaos pump the KPC combines all the fantastic features of its predecessor.It also has some new additions to make this pump marker even more accurate and efficient.

Azodin KPC Review

Straight out of the box the Azodin KPC comes with these features and benefits:

  • Body construction using a half-block design
  • Rod and guide made of stainless steel
  • Co2 and Compressed Air compatible
  • Feed neck with a screw lock
  • Reversible hitman plate
  • Feather regulator that comes already set
  • Plaited airline
  • 14-inch one-piece barrel (.
  • 68 bore)
  • Solo trigger construction
  • Bolt with rapid disengagement

The folks over at Azodin also saw fit to add into that box a parts kit, multiple Allen wrenches and a bag to protect your barrel.

The first thing we should talk about is careful attention to the crafting process.

Azodin released a new beast onto the battlefield.

They did this by taking into account the changes that have occurred in the paintball world since the inception of the original Kaos pump.

See An Unboxing of the Azodin KPC

The lightweight construction is a vital piece of the game with a final weight that beats its competition by a significant amount.

Though entirely made of metal the use of a Delrin bolt lessens the weight and allows the gun to come in at just about 2 pounds.

Not to mention by using that specialized bolt the drag decreases significantly.

This change helps when firing.


There is less recoil which translates into more comfortable firing of this pump marker.

Another aspect that allows for a more comfortable carry is the ergonomic rubber grip frame panels.

With the comfort handled the creative team f designers moved on to more improvements on the world-renowned Kaos pump of old.

Functionality wise one of the most effective upgrades has been the addition of a single trigger.

With a single trigger, you have even more ease of use and efficiency.

All of this for the price of this marker is absolutely worth it.

And this means that you start your career on the MilSim battlefield with all the confidence of a seasoned vet.

Azodin KPC Manual

Withal markers, you get access to or even a copy of the owner’s manual in the box.

The manual that you get with the Azodin KPC has the standard instructions and an outstanding section on troubleshooting.

Though it does have illustrations in color and detailed parts diagrams is still not as comprehensive as some of its competitor’s models.

So, we have talked about the physical body and the specs of those parts, but a marker is not merely the sum of its parts.

The design is just one aspect of the checklist you should be looking at when deciding which marker to buy.

So, let’s talk about the actual use of this marker and its durability.

The Azodin KPC’s Durability

Paying attention to the finer details, the designers at Azodin have created a tough and long-lasting marker.

The materials used to build this maker are of the highest quality and are the chief reason the Azodin KPC lives such a long and productive life.

There is minimal upkeep helped out by the super detailed maintenance section in the manual.

This paintball gun is a fantastic choice for the new player or someone who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to rock the battlefield when they hit it.

So now we know that this marker has the potential to last you your lifetime how does is when firing.


This budget-friendly gun is definitely going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Efficiency still plays a part when talking about the markers firing capability.

And the ability to use either CO2 canisters or compressed air is a great benefit.

That kind of flexibility elevates this marker to the same level of operation as its pricier peers.

Part of being on par with its competition is the functionality of its firing process.

With little to no recoil and the highly sensitive trigger, you get high accuracy and rapid-fire capability.

Pair this with a great stock barrel and that accuracy will be incredible up to distances of 60′.

One of the major cons does fall into the firing category, and that is the amount of sound that radiates from the marker while firing it.

This con though seems to be a personal preference as not everyone feels the same.

After all, it is not the only marker that suffers from a loud shot.

And if this is the only negative to the marker.

With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you should be fine.

Azodin KPC for Sale

The Azodin KPC is one of the most budget-friendly markers out there.

In a field where you could very easily spend half a grand just to get started this marker will not send you into a fetal position.

Typically, this marker comes in at prices ranging from $150 – $200.

A price like this means that for that cool half a grand you might spend on one of those other markers you can get the Azodin KPC plus be able to afford some killer upgrades.

Check Price At Amazon

Final Words

I guess then the ultimate question that should be on the tip of your tongue is:

  • Is the Azodin KPC paintball gun any good?

The easiest way to break this down is with a good old-fashioned pro and cons list, so let’s do that.

If you are a new player unsure of if you will like this new hobby, then the low budget requirements are enough reason to make this your go-to marker for battlefield success.

Azodin Blitz 3 Review – So You Don’t Look Like A Newbie In 2020

  • Updated February 15th, 2023
Illustration of a paintball player running with an Azodin Blitz 3
Illustration of a paintball player running with an Azodin Blitz 3

This Azodin Blitz 3 Review covers all of your questions regarding this marker.


    • Exceptionally Accurate
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Three firing modes


    • Louder than most
    • No on/off ASA
    • No Quick-clamp feed neck


Easy to Operate

Ideal for Beginners

Inexpensive but can hang with high-end markers

Will enhance any player’s game

Azodin Blitz 3 Review

When you first open up the Azodin Blitz 3, you notice that this is a unique weapon.You immediately realize that you’ve stepped from the beginners into the big leagues. Noticing this is especially the case if you’ve been renting paintball guns from the paintball shack. Or you've been muddling through with low-quality markers to see if you liked the sport. Either way, the Azodin Blitz 3 is a beautiful, yet amazing, paintball gun.

Technical Specs for the Blitz 3

  • 18.9 inches long
  • 2.03 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 11-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • Autococker Thread

Azodin Blitz 3 Owners Manual

The manual makes the setup a breeze.

With the Azodin Blitz 3, setting the marker up for your first outing is a breeze.

You want to make sure you’ve cleaned and oiled per manufacturer’s specifications.

All these specs will be in your user’s manual.

Read the Manual for your Blitz 3!

Easy Setup of the Blitz 3

With the Blitz 3, the regulator is also preset.

Having this preset means that you will spend less time tweaking the settings.

With the easy setup, you will have more time to send rounds downrange.

The feed neck is a screw-type, so it’s not as smooth as a quick-clamp feed neck.

However, the hopper still goes on effortlessly and doesn’t affect the performance of the paintball gun.

For best results, and less chopped paint, consider using an electronically-controlled hopper.

An upgrade like this will make sure the paint gets properly fed with each shot.

Remember, this style of guns is entirely different than your average marker.

The main difference is that the Azodin Blitz 3 allows you to adjust and tweak it.

With that in mind, familiarize yourself with the user’s manual before you change any of the settings.

Just because you can change a setting doesn’t mean you should adjust it.

Taking this advice will save you a ton of heartache by not changing the wrong components.

See an Unboxing of the Azodin Blitz 3

Is the Azodin Blitz 3 an Electronic Marker?


The Blitz 3 is an electronic marker.

The industry considers the Blitz 3 a beginner’s electronic marker but stacks up well against other low-budget paintball guns.

Its battery-operated functionality increases the control of the trigger and firing mechanisms.

Works in any style of play

What became apparent when reviewing the Blitz 3 is that this paintball gun will work in any form of the game.

Whether it be speedball or woodsball, this marker will hold its own and enhance your game.

It is durable enough to withstand the rigors of woodsball.

At the same time, it’s sleek and clean-looking enough to appear like a high-end marker in a speedball round.

Azodin Blitz 3 Features

Exceptionally Accurate, even at long ranges.

For such an inexpensive paintball gun, the stock parts on the Blitz 3 are perfect for shooting at longer ranges.

It has a stock 11-inch barrel.

Thus you can expect to hit targets upwards of 100 ft consistently.

Getting that range to 150 feet or more is possible.

All you have to do is tweak the settings to play around with the pressure and velocity.

Light Weight but Extremely Durable

The Blitz 3 is perhaps the lightest gun available on the market.

It weighs in at only 2.03 pounds.

This lightweight prevents shooters at all playing levels from having trouble carrying the marker.

Weight is a factor, especially when lugging it around for extended periods.

Most people, however, feel that a gun this light in weight isn’t durable.

This thought couldn’t be any further from the truth for the Azodin Blitz 3.

The frame on the Blitz 3 consists of a durable, nylon-reinforced composite.

This material is what allows the gun to be so light.

It also ensures that falls and dives won’t damage the marker, no matter how rough you are with it.

Furthermore, the grip is not only robust but comfortable to hold.

No pieces are digging into your hand or wrists and ruining your game.

How Much Does the Azodin Blitz 3 Cost?

The price range for the Blitz 3 fluctuates a bit.

However, you can find the marker for usually between, $150 – $170.

Where Can I Find the Azodin Blitz 3 For Sale?

You can check the price here.

Easy To Modify / Upgrade

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Blitz 3 is that you can modify it to fit different shooting styles.

For example, imagine that you’re the person who likes to be stealthy and sneak up on your enemies.

You can upgrade the barrel to make it shoot quieter which is simple.

Or, maybe you are the type of player that likes to shoot on full-auto the majority of the time.

Of course, you will go through paintballs like there’s no tomorrow.

But you can upgrade to a quick-clamp feed neck and electric hopper easily.

Either way, the Blitz 3 makes the perfect foundation for any customization and upgrades.

Firing Modes

Also, since it does have the electronic controls, the Blitz 3 has three firing modes.

These are semi-auto, full-auto, and 3-round burst.

How Fast Does the Blitz 3 Shoot?

With the semi-auto mode selected, you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

On full-auto, the firing rate is roughly 10-15 rounds per second.

If firing on modes other than semi-auto, an electric hopper is always essential.

The electronic hopper can feed the paint in fast enough.

How to Change the Azodin Blitz 3 Firing Modes

With that in mind, this paintball gun is easy on the battery.

In testing, the marker fired four cases of paint alternating between firing modes.

After all those rounds the original battery was still operating at standard capacity.

Keep in mind; this won’t be the case with a cheap, off-brand battery.

If you spend the extra few bucks to get a quality battery, you won’t have to worry about it dying in the field.

Also, always remember to take the battery out when you aren’t using it.

This precaution prevents the battery from draining or damaging the marker.

Outer Shell Looks Incredible

While looks aren’t the most critical aspect of a paintball gun, it is still a significant need.

This fact is especially true when you are competing with guys who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on their markers.

The last thing you want is to have your paintball marker look like it’s any lesser of quality.

That’s why, while the Azodin Blitz 3 performs incredible, it has the looks to back it up.

The enhanced, streamline design removes any of the distracting hoses and fittings.

The designers place them all on the inside of the paintball gun.

Also, it’s smooth lines, and quality artwork only serves to enhance its appearance.

The gun is available in many different color combinations.

One thing is true across the board; the paint job on the Blitz 3 will withstand the test of time.

You won’t have to worry about the paint chopping off after your first round.

This weapon has taken direct hits up close without a single blemish left on the paint job.

Talk about quality! You won’t have to worry about your enemies thinking any less of you based on how your marker looks.

Is the Azodin Blitz 3 A Good Paintball Gun?

Overall, the Azodin Blitz 3 is a budget paintballers dream! It is inexpensive on the initial purchase.

It is also extremely economical to customize and upgrade.

Thus, the Blitz 3 will fit any budget and any player level.

If you’re looking for a paintball gun that will last then this gun is for you.

If you’re in the market for a marker that will remain as efficient and accurate as it was on day one, this is the gun for you.

Where Can I Find A Azodin Blitz 3 Package?

If you’re looking for a package with:

  • Marker
  • Mask
  • Hopper
  • Tank
  • All Other Accessories



On top of that, even players who are learning how to play paintball can effectively operate this marker.

This paintball gun is excellent for a younger player looking to get in the sport.

It’s inexpensive for the parent and safe, as well, giving the parent one less thing to worry about regarding safety.