The Tippmann TCR Review To Resolve Any Doubt About Buying Or Not

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Tippmann TCR Review In White Letters On A Blue Background


    • Great price point
    • Easy to carry and durable
    • Options to upgrade
    • Compatible with multiple balls


    • May need upgrades out of the box
    • Disassembly is a little complicated
    • Inconsistent FPS


Great first Mag-Fed Marker

We’re going to show you everything you need to look for in this Tippmann TCR Review.

With the hundreds of choices that you must choose from the question remains:

  • Which marker should you choose?
  • Which one will make you stand out from the rest of the newbies on the battlefield?

It’s good you are asking these questions before you head out to the store or grab that laptop and start clicking away.

The selection you make here could define your MilSim reputation and your on-field style.

So let’s look at one of your choices, The Tippmann TCR MagFed paintball gun.

Tippmann TCR Review

The Tippman Tactical Combat Rifle, or the Tippman TCR for short, straight out of the box is an excellent marker.Based on the trendy TiPX pistol design it takes all the fantastic internal mechanisms and adds some instrumental additions. The Tippmann TCR in its stock model version is compatible with the very popular First Strike paintball. You can use First Strike rounds without having to upgrade a single piece.

Though some TCR paintball gun enthusiasts have stated that if you want to use special magazines then changing the breech is a necessity.

Even with this slight drawback, the fact that you can use a highly accurate and range increasing ammo straight out the gate is a great plus.

Another cool and efficient addition that Tippmann has added is a new spool valve.

See An Unboxing of the Tippmann TCR

This addition intends to fix the low-velocity problems of the TiPX pistol which it seems to have been successful doing.

There have been a few people online that dispute this claim, but for the most part, the fps is consistent.

The TCR also offers some other unique features.

These features are specifically intended to give the paintballer some choice options.

For instance, with the built-in remote line connector, the TCR MagFed marker offers the player the choice between Co2 cartridges and a tank.

So often in the world, in general, our left-handed friends get the raw deal.

But because of the location of the Co2 chamber on this TCR, Tippmann has seen fit to include them in the package.

So, both right-handed and left-handed MilSim combatants will be able to change out their choices of Co2 conveyances with ease.

Tippmann TCR Specs

The mechanical semi-auto Tippmann MagFed TCR’s full list of specs is:

  • MagFed TCR marker
  • In-line remote connector
  • Capable of dual feed
  • Top mounted flip sights
  • Multiple mags compatible

Included with stock model:

  • Conversion feed neck for a hopper
  • x2 magazines (1 7-ball/1 12-ball)
  • Designed to be lightweight and compact
  • Ammo compatible with .68 gauge or FS rounds
  • Tactical barrel with an 11” length
  • Ambidextrous quick release for the Co2 cartridge
  • A no tool necessary adjustable foregrip that is foldable
  • Easily customizable
  • Two air sources

Tippmann TCR Manual

One of the best things about grabbing yourself a Tippmann marker is that they have downloadable PDFs.

You can find each one of their manuals available for free on their site.

This accessibility is a life saver especially if you misplace the one that comes in the markers box.

It allows you to always have on hand the safety and installation guidelines.

Always get familiar with your manual to ensure that you are a responsible paintballer.

Check out the manual here.

Where To Find The Tippmann TCR For Sale

The Tippmann marker only comes in one model, but that doesn’t mean that this paintball gun doesn’t deserve a chance.

Just google Tippmann TCR, and you will find many places that you can buy this marker.

Not only solo but in packages and it is one of the most affordable models out there.

What Is The Tippmann TCR Price?

Perhaps the biggest plus to investing in this marker is the low price of entry it affords the new player into the MilSim game world.

With a price point around $350, this marker is one of the best mag-fed paintball guns for close combat.

With it’s realistic to look, you can still look like a professional out there on the field and not break the bank and.

The low cost is a pro.

Price is an issue especially if you are getting into this sport.

Check Price At Amazon

Maybe you’re looking to build your reputation on the field by maximizing the customizability of this gun.

For what you might pay for one of those other guns just the stock model you can grab the TCR and multiple upgrades.

Plus, there is always the bundle option like the one below.

The Tippmann TCR Bundle Gives You Everything To Get Started

The low-price threshold translates over to this bundle option.

In fact, for just an extra Benjamin you can have yourself a nice setup.

With the bundle, you will be entirely ready for even more upgrades without having to take a second mortgage out on your house.

Check out what you get with the Tippmann TCR bundle.


  • The stock model marker itself
  • A dozen Co2 cartridges
  • Two additional 12 round mags

The idea that these pieces of the puzzle are already at your fingers should open a world of possibilities in the upgrades field.

But what about the rest of the TCR specs like magazine release and the practicals of usage.

Let’s look at all that before we break down the pros and cons of this marker.

Tippmann TCR Mag Release

The one thing that stands out as a definite con is the TCR’s magazine release.

It is just not the smoothest or most effective despite its ability for anyone to use it.

The Marker is customizable in this area though with a plethora of choices to change out the unsatisfactory part.


The TCR comes with a tactical barrel that measures at 11 inches.

This barrel goes through a hardening process that will make it durable and suitable for any MilSim situation you find yourself in on the battlefield.

Another enjoyable aspect of this marker is its compatibility with the parts from the TiPX especially the barrel.

The barrel thread of this marker is another check in the pro category.

Having an A5 barrel thread means lots of options.

Even though the TCR comes with a stock barrel, there are a lot of barrel selections available for you to customize your marker.

How Well Does The Tippmann TCR Shoot?

Players that have already purchased this marker rave about the lack of recoil and the accuracy of the factory sights, but what about the numbers.

When it comes to the TCR’s shooting metrics, they are even more reason to take a serious look at purchasing this paintball gun.

The TCR’s stock model gives the MilSim soldier a vast range to work with regardless of the situation.

So, if you are executing a raid on the other team’s base or playing the long game, you have up to 150 feet to play with range-wise.

With the longer barrel not only are you afforded extended range but also more velocity without having to use a higher pressure setting.

Adjusting the velocity is quite easy on the TCR.

However many players have been able to pull the marker from the box, assemble and hit the battlefield with an accurate FPS ranging between 260 – 280.

If you do have to adjust the velocity, it’s simple.

All you have to do is screw accordingly and then test your marker to see if you have gotten the velocity setting to your desired FPS.


So, with all that information what is the final word on the Tippmann TCR marker.

Let’s break it down into a good old pro and con list and then see where that gets us.

What we like:

The price point!

Above all else, this could be the defining reason for many to decide on this model.

The low cost of this marker allows the MilSim novice to afford a competitive marker that has an excellent reputation on the battlefield.

Easy to carry and durable.

The weightier peers of this marker lose points against the TCR in this field.

Made to look realistic in its high-grade aluminum production the TCR is a lightweight alternative to the heavier metal models.

On top of that, the treatment of the aluminum and the construction makes this marker hard to destroy.

Options to upgrade!

Having the TiPX as its predecessor gives the TCR a unique advantage.

There is a lot of interchangeability of parts between these two markers.

Being able to swap out parts makes upgrading your piece even more effortless.

On top of that, several upgrades are available that have nothing to do with the TiPX.

The options available to enhance your marker means that no two TCR’s need is the same.

Compatible with multiple balls.

The ability to switch up your round is a pro.

Whether you feel like just using the tried and true paintballs or you want to up your game with the First Strike round, this marker allows for both.

What we don’t like:

You may need to upgrade some factory parts out of the box.

Some owners of this marker have suggested that there may be a need to upgrade.

You may need to change not only your breach but also your mag release to make the marker work more effectively.

Disassembly is a little complicated.

There have been reports of the disassembly and reassembly being difficult.

Some users have complained of inconsistent FPS.

Mostly, others have touted the amazing consistency of the marker.

But there have been complaints of an inconsistent FPS.

So overall the Tippmann TCR is a great choice to make your first marker or even add to your MilSim arsenal.

Despite some complaints about inconsistent FPS and the need to upgrade factory pieces immediately most players that have used this marker have fallen in love with all its benefits and cool features.

Check Price At Amazon

Bottom line there are more pros then cons, so if you are looking for a highly accurate and durable marker, the Tippmann TCR is the gun for you.

Now get out there and kick some butt!