Tippmann TPX Pistol Review: Is This A Mag-Fed Paintballer’s Dream?

  • Updated February 15th, 2023

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Tippmann TPX Pistol graphic with a paintball player in green.
Tippmann TPX Pistol graphic with a paintball player in green.

Tippmann TPX Pistol

4.3 out of 5 stars


    • Easy to Load CO2
    • Extremely Accurate
    • Mostly made of Metal


    • Not Efficient on CO2
    • Magazines only hold seven rounds


Great secondary/backup weapon

Shoots amazingly far for a pistol

Perfect for any style of play

Technical Specs

  • 11-inches
  • 1.8 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 6-inch Barrel
  • Mag Fed
  • A5/X7 Barrel Thread

Tippmann TPX Review

The Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is the ultimate secondary weapon for any paintball event. With this Semi-auto, mag-fed paintball gun on your side, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough firepower. It has the overall basic look and feel of a real-steel firearm.

So, it’s no wonder why the TPX is quickly becoming one of the most popular paintball guns on the market.


The overall design of the TPX mimics a real pistol. With that in mind, it does have some apparent distinctions from the real deal. The TPX is a lightweight pistol, weighing in at only 1.8 pounds. Additionally, the paintball gun’s streamlined design is thin. This is especially nice since the CO2 cartridge isn’t in the magazine.

Instead, the 12-gram CO2 cartridge fits securely into a slot just below the barrel’s muzzle. This feature allows for a more comfortable grip. With the CO2 not in the grip, it allows for a more balanced marker and, should the shooter need to, makes it easier to shoot one-handed.

Loading and unloading the cartridge is easy, even while wearing your gloves. The cap for the CO2 compartment screws out effortlessly. Ease of use like this allows you to slide the new cartridge in with no effort. After loading a new cartridge, the first pull of the trigger will puncture the cartridge and make it ready to fire. It’s important to note, here, that the first trigger pull after installing a new cartridge will not fire a round. Instead, the first trigger pull punctures the cartridge. Then the consecutive pulls will fire shots. Also, by designing the paintball marker this way, Tippmann can offer the spare magazines at a fraction of the cost.

Since it is just a 12-ounce cartridge, and the TPX uses the gas also to mimic a firearm’s recoil, one cartridge will only last 2-3 magazines. A duration of this length is, however, typical amongst paintball pistols with the blowback feature. Just keep that in mind when reloading magazines.


Speaking of the magazines, they hold seven rounds each. Holding this amount of paintballs is on the lower end of magazine capacity amongst paintball pistols. However, by designing the mags to keep so few rounds eliminate any feeding concerns. The magazines are Tru-Feed Magazines and have clear ammo windows that allow you to see how many rounds remain with a glance.

Inserting the mags is easy. Just insert into the bottom of the pistol and make sure the magazine is secure. Once it is secure, there’s no worry of them falling out until you press the mag release button on the side.

These magazines are easy to load. Just compress the spring and load the rounds. There is a small ball stopper on the tip of the magazine. This stopper prevents the ammo from falling out until the magazine it clipped into place. Then, once inserted, the spring pushes the first round into the chamber. Be careful. If you remove the magazine with rounds still in it, the spring will shoot them out.

Longer magazines, capable of holding more rounds, are available for purchase. Though this will keep you firing longer, keep in mind, it will also cut down your CO2 usage to 1, maybe 2, magazines. Most shooters have found that there isn’t a need for bigger magazines, seeing at the TPX is so accurate.


The barrel on the TPX is a 6-inch barrel threaded with the A5/X7 Tippmann threads. There is one thing many people like about having the barrel with these threads on a pistol. And that is that, by adding a longer barrel, you transform the TPX pistol into a fully operational mag-fed paintball gun! A small change like this increases its already stellar accuracy ten-fold!


The overall performance of the Tippmann TPX is excellent, especially when you factor in the balance of the features and price. It is a perfect marker for getting you out of those tight spots. Tippmann, when designing the TPX, had one things in mind. They wanted to focus on delivering a high-performing paintball gun that anybody could afford. They needed to find a balance between the two factors without sacrificing one for the other.

An illustration of a red paintball fired from TPX that has splattered in a crosshair


With the stock 6-inch barrel, it’s surprising how accurate, and far, the marker can shoot. During testing, the TPX was hitting targets upwards of 80 feet away! When you consider upgrading the barrel, that distance will only get further. On top of that, the consistency at which it can hit the target is incredible. In the right conditions, this paintball marker was hitting in groupings the size of a softball at 50 ft.

Ability to adjust Velocity

The adjuster for the velocity on the TPX is on the back of the receiver. To adjust it does require a wrench. However, since you cannot adjust the velocity using your thumb, this helps make the gun legal on any playing field.

Easy Maintenance

For a pistol, performing maintenance and routine cleaning on the TPX is a breeze. The clamshell and split receiver design provide easy access to the inside of the weapon. Gaining quick access to the internal components makes performing repairs a breeze, even in the field.

Includes a Holster

The TPX also comes with a holster specially designed to hold the pistol. It has an adjustable strap that fits around the shooters waist or thigh. You can also use it as an across-the-shoulders strap. Much like the marker, itself, the holster is well made and can withstand any abuse the shooter gives it. The last thing you want is for your paintball gun to fall out of its holster while you are running and diving.

Easy To upgrade

Besides being one of the best pistols on the market right out of the box, the Tippman TPX’s design allows you to completely upgrade it. Tippmann has created a vast array of upgrades. These upgrades will turn this already excellent weapon into the best sidearm the shooter can have.

Besides fitting any barrel with A5/X7 threads, the entire marker is easy to upgrade to suit a shooter’s needs and style. Installing a remote line is the most common upgrade on the TPX. This mod will allow the pistol to use a larger supply of gas. In turn, this same addition eliminates the need for overwhelming yourself with lots of many cartridge changes.


The best points of the Tippmann TPX, and what makes it such a great paintball weapon, is its lightweight build and accuracy. Put those two together, and you have an extremely durable, and dependable, sidearm.

With the TPX, you’ll have increase mobility, able to maneuver in and around structures and obstacles with ease. This ability will only enhance your game, making you more efficient. The best part is that this gun is perfect for any level of player.

If you’re a beginner looking for that perfect sidearm, look no further. If you’re sick of getting caught in a tight spot without a reliable secondary weapon, the TPX is ideal for you. You’ll only regret not having purchased it sooner.