8 Tippmann TCR Upgrades – Utterly Destroy Your Opponents in 2023

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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If you’re looking for Tippmann TCR Upgrades, then you’re in the right place.

The Tippmann Tactical Compact Rifle Magfed marker is an excellent addition to your MilSim arsenal.

Even though stock this marker is a magnificent piece there is always room for improvement.

If you haven’t picked up one of these, then you can take a look at our Tippmann TCR Review.

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However, the upgrades you add to your marker could be just the thing that sets you apart.

It can separate you from your peers and the waves of newbies joining the battlefield.

So, what are some of those upgrades you should think about for your TCR!

Check out the suggestions below and find the right fit to create the personalized marker of your dreams.

What Are The Best Tippmann TCR Upgrades?

This Magfed marker offers a realistic battlefield simulation.

It also comes stock with the following features:

  •   It is a Magfed marker
  •   Easy to change from magazine to hopper
  •   Top mounted flip sights
  •   Vertical folding handle
  •   Foldable stock w/  space to carry extra magazines
  •   Eleven-inch barrel
  •   Adaptable to First Strike paintballs
  •   Two magazines (a 12-ball extended & 7-ball mag)

Even with all those enemy crushing attributes, there is still more you could do with your Tippmann TCR MagFed marker.

Taking it to the next level will be the best way to up your battlefield cred.

Tippmann TCR Barrels To Up Your Game

A nifty upgrade to consider is your marker’s barrel.

If you are looking to increase your accuracy and range, this is often the best way to do that.

The Tippmann TCR has the compatibility of most of the TiPX barrels.

The TCR has an A5 barrel thread, and therefore there are many options out there to upgrade your marker.

But let’s first talk about what the stock barrel offers.

The stock TCR barrel which is a pretty good start straight out of the box has the following features:

  •   A5 thread compatible
  •   11”
  •   First Strike compatible

Even with that, there are better options that will enhance your markers ability with just one easy upgrade.

The Tippmann TCR’s A5 barrel thread gives you a plethora of choices and below are only a few:

Where To Find TCR Barrels for Sale

There are quite a few barrel upgrades for the TCR.

Take your pick depending on which one fits your needs.

LAPCO 8” Bigshot Barrel

The LAPCO 8” Bigshot is one of the most efficient barrels on the market right now.

The TCR barrel also lends a note of credibility to any player that chooses it as one of their upgrades.

The technology that LAPCO uses includes their patented LAPCO Tru-Bore.

This technology is why though it is a little pricier than some of the options it is the one upgrade you might want to spend just a little extra money on instead of skimping.

This TCR barrel upgrade also has the following features and benefits:

  • Crafted with high-grade aluminum specifically made for LAPCO
  • The micro-honed finish which means minimal friction and better gas efficiency as well    as enhanced accuracy
  • Anodized to create an extra hard & durable finish which allows the barrel to be extreme temp resistant
  • Stiff arbor honed by a professional craftsman
  • Self-cleaning
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes w/ a lifetime warranty
  • The engraved bore on the barrel can be from .684 – .690
  • First Strike compatible but not optimized for FS rounds
Tippmann Pathfinder 14” Barrel

This upgrade option is an excellent choice if you are looking to enhance your sniper game because of its ability to increase your shot distance.

The Tippmann Pathfinder barrel has several other benefits like:

  •   Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  •   Honed for improved accuracy
  •   Top line technology that crafts a strong, durable and affordable TCR barrel
  •   A5 thread compatible

Tippmann TCR Mags To Keep Loaded Up

Now that you have taken a look at the plethora of Tippmann TCR upgrades for barrels you have available to you may be your wheels may be spinning.

Maybe with all that enhanced accuracy and range, you would like to have more ammo availability when storming the field.

The stock Tippmann TCR MagFed marker comes with two different magazines with different capacities.

But maybe that is not enough or what you are looking for in your marker.

So perhaps a magazine upgrade is in the cards.

If so, here are a few suggestions:

Tippmann Tru-Feed 12-ball Extended Magazine

A little more firepower on the field can never hurt.

And so an extended magazine upgrade could be the deciding factor of whether you are the victor or the loser.

The Tippmann Tru-Feed 12-ball Extended Magazine offers many benefits including:

  •   First Strike compatible
  •   Lower ergonomic profile for a comfortable grip
  •   The self-locking quick release system
  •   Durable composite construction

Tippmann TCR Zetamag

If 12 rounds are just not enough then maybe the Tippmann TCR Zetamag with its 20-round capacity may be more up your alley.

The 3rd generation of the Zetamag delivers enhanced performance and is the most versatile one yet.

This improved performance comes from all the fantastic features.

Features like:

  •   Twin-channel, Extended magazine
  •   High capacity up to 20 rounds
  •   Three magazines in 1
  •   Includes free dust boot and loading rod w/ each pack
  •   Reversible magazine

Tippmann TCR Sights For The Perfect Shot

If you cannot shoot in the most precise method possible, then you will waste some of your other Tippmann TCR upgrades.

Longer range shooting & more firing capacity will all be a wash.

Every paintballer that has some seasoning knows that means upgrading your sights.

There are many choices out there for upgrading your Tippmann TCR marker sights.

Here is one that we suggest you take a look at:

Aluminio Reflex Red Dot Sight

This sight uses a lens that acts as a mirror.

The red dot appears after you project the aiming point forward and it reflects into the sight.

A reflex sight like the Aluminio Reflex Red Dot Sight we are taking a look at is generally cheaper than some of the other options.

And some models are battery free.

This model, however, does require a battery and also has the following benefits and features:

  •   Made of durable aluminum
  •   Is easy to install
  •   Anodized black finish for durability
  •   LED which is easy on the paintballers eyes
  •   Mounting clamp type is rail compatible with many choices
  •   Unlimited eye relief for flexible mounting
  •   24.0 x 34.0 mm objective lens
  •   On/off switch
  •   Integrated support for a variety of rails
  •   Magnification 1x
  •   Reticle size red dot
  •   Points 3 MOA
  •   Lens coating with platinum


  •   Length: 4.6”
  •   Width: 1.5”
  •   Height: 2.1”
  •   Weight: 3.9 oz.


The Tippmann TCR is one of the best mag-fed paintball guns to add to your MilSim kit.

Right out of the box you already are letting people know that you mean business on the battlefield.

To make an even louder statement, the upgrades we talked about are crucial.

These few simple upgrades will elevate your status.

It will show your buddies that you are no longer that newbie they can push around on the battlefield.

With your upgrades for:

  • enhanced shot range from your new barrel
  • the increase in firepower capacity with your extended mags
  • that marksman level accuracy from upgrading those sights

You are separating yourself from the rest of your squad.

So, get that tool kit out and begin those Tippman TCR upgrades and watch the victories pile up on your scorecard.

After all, to the victors go the spoils or at least the battlefield reputation of being a seasoned player.