Tippmann TMC Review: What To Consider Before Buying

  • Updated February 15th, 2023

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Tippmann TMC Review
Tippmann TMC Review


    • Tactical Setup
    • Easily switch Feeder Options
    • Mostly Metal Construction


    • CO2 Tank doesn’t go in Stock
    • Complicated to disassemble


Excellent Mag-Fed Paintball Gun

AR15-Style allows innumerable options

Extremely well constructed

Tippmann TMC Review

When it comes to having a mag-fed paintball gun, there are a few things it must have to be an efficient marker. The Tippmann TMC has them all plus more. This marker has all the features you would expect on a high-end paintball gun. To add to this, it also can outlast, and outshoot, any of its competition. If you want to get into the mag-fed side of paintball, this gun is the best option for you.

There is also a lot of support & resources for this marker.

Also, Tippmann provides an extensive manual for Tippmann TMC owners.

Tippmann TMC Specs

  • Adjustable
  • 8 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 12-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • A-5 Barrel Thread

Tippmann TMC’s Construction

The construction of the Tippmann TMC makes it virtually indestructible.

Its main parts of the marker are metal.

The metal parts include the:

  • frame
  • trigger assembly
  • inner gears
  • bolt

This design means that the portions that consist of a polymer will not affect its performance.

The high-grade polymer is strong and durable, as well.

This marker will shoot under any conditions and remain consistent and reliable.

This consistency is the same reliability of the AR15.

Is the Tippmann TMC an electrical marker?

The TMC is a pneumatic paintball gun.

Pneumatic means that there are no electrical components to the marker.

Though this means it has only a semi-auto firing mode, this allows it to last exceptionally longer than other electrical guns.

Take a look at the video below.

It shows the unboxing of the Tippmann TMC.

Also, you will see the internals as the assembly & disassembly are handled.

Design of the TMC

The design of the Tippmann TMC takes after that of the AR-15 real-steel firearm.

Thus the designers built the TMC to be a tactical paintball marker.

This design entails having a Picatinny rail system designed to fit a vast array of accessories.

Can you adjust the TMC’s stock?

Yes, the stock on the TMC is adjustable.

You can collapse or click it into five different positions.

The gas system on the TMC is internal.

This setup prohibits the gas lines from affecting the appearance.

At the same time, it allows the marker to be fully operational.

The CO2 tank does attach to the bottom of the grip, versus being in the stock.

This configuration makes for a little change in firing but, once you’ve shot it several times, you will get used to it.

The grip on the TMC is an over molded rubber grip that will contour to the shape and lines of your hand.

Additionally, the selector switch, to switch from safety to fire, and the mag release buttons are available with just the flip of your finger.

Dual-Feed option

The greatest thing about the TMC is its ability to switch between the hopper or a magazine quickly.

The appeal of mag-fed guns is that the magazines allow you to use shaped projectiles.

These rounds are extremely more accurate than the cheaper round paintballs typically used.

See the TMC Fire With Mags Or A Hopper

What are the best paintballs to use in the Tippmann TMC?

However, the shaped projectiles are rather expensive compared to the regular paintballs.

So, the best way to use a mag-fed marker is to load the shaped rounds into the magazines.

Then you can use regular paintballs into the hopper.

This flexibility is great if you need to lay down cover fire or send a ton of paint down range.

You can simply use the balls in the hopper.

On the other hand, you may need an accurate, sniper-style shot.

In this case, just switch to the magazine and use the shaped projectile.

See more details about the Tippmann TMC here.

How many rounds does each mag hold?

The mags on the TMC are capable of holding 20 rounds each.

With that in mind, extra magazines are available and are affordable and well built.

In testing, however, it was found that the mags seemed to have fewer issues when there were only 19 balls loaded.

It appears that loading fewer balls allowed for more consistent feeding and less dimpling on the balls.

The dual-feed option sets the TMC apart from other mag-fed paintball guns currently available.

Authentic Work and feel

Not only does the Tippmann TMC look and feel like a real AR15 rifle, but it also works like one as well.

The charging handle on the TMC is fully operational.

This look is where most paintball guns of this style only have it for looks.

Nowadays most every paintball marker has a blowback option.

Blowback on the TMC gives the shooter a most realistic experience.

The blowback models after the recoil and kick of the real firearm.

TMC Authentic Work and Feel

The TMC doesn’t chop/break paint

The TMC has the signature inline-bolt system.

Tippmann has been adding this system to their markers recently.

This system allows the marker to shoot more consistently.

Also, it diminishes the chances of the gun breaking the paint before it leaves the barrel.

A feature like this prevents you from having chopped paint.

During testing, thousands of rounds went through this paintball gun.

The test includes both mag and hopper-fed systems, and not a single shot was a misfire or broken.

The test used cheap paint, as well.

The TMC performed very well, with no broken paint and only a small difference in accuracy of the shot.

Accuracy of the Tippmann TMC

The accuracy of the TMC makes it among the best mag-fed paintball guns for the money currently on the market.

Even when firing from the hopper with standard projectiles, the Tippmann TMC is extremely accurate.

With the 12-inch stock barrel, you can expect a range upwards of 150 feet with the round balls.

How can I increase the accuracy of the TMC?

When you switch to mag fed and use the shaped projectiles, the accuracy nearly doubles.

You can fine-tune aiming the marker to compensate for the drop of the paint.

It’s easy to fine tune by adding optics, which you can quickly add to the rail system.

With that accommodation, there’s no reason why you can’t see consistent shots at 450-500 feet.

With that in mind, the iron sights on the TMC include a front and rear adjustable sight.

These sights will work fine for any close-quarter battle or the occasional long distance shot.

Tippmann TMC Accuracy

Easy to load mags

Unlike other mag-fed paintball guns, the TMC mags are much easier.

In a typical mag, you have to load the paintballs while compressing the spring at the same time.

Not with the TMC. Simply screw a knob on the side of the magazine, and the spring compresses.

There’s no having to hold the spring down at the same time, making reloading on the field a breeze.

The TMC is easily customizable

Beyond the fact that you can add accessories to the gun, you can customize the TMC with ease.

The inner components of the paintball marker are the same as the Tippmann 98.

That means that any barrel with the 98-style threads will work.

Any customization, with regards to the trigger or other inner components, is a breeze.

Upgrading your TMC will be easy as long as you get parts meant for the 98 custom Tippmann set up.

If you’re thinking about, upgrading then you’ll love our post all about Tippman TMC Upgrades.


Over all, the Tippmann TMC is an excellent choice for any shooter wanting to step over into the mag-fed world.

It’s on the more complex end when it comes to disassembling the gun.

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Besides that, the TMC would also be an excellent marker for anybody wanting to get into paintball.

As long as you read the manual, you shouldn’t have any issues on the gun’s performance.

It will take some time to become familiar with the gun.

It comes with two magazines in the box and has the option to buy more.

Additionally, you can get a “dummy” mag if you want to go solely through the hopper.

This feature prevents the gun from loading more than one ball from the hopper.

In summary, the TMC has the quality & support you would expect from a Tippmann marker.