Azodin KPC Review – Every Pump-Action Paintball Must Read [2023]

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

In this Azodin KPC Review, we’ll show you why this marker could be precisely what you need.

Empire Sniper Review written in white letters on a blue background


    • Price
    • Lightweight
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Trigger sensitivity


    • Some reports of locking feed neck
    • Level of noise


The pros far exceed the few drawbacks.

There are so many choices for a new paintballer to make, but the first and most important is which marker you are going to get.

The plethora of options can be overwhelming for sure.

So how do you find the right marker for you that will not only fit your playing style but build your reputation as a MilSim player that means business.

Most of us will reach for our computers and start typing trying to research everything we can.

And that is understandable.

So, as a way to help you out, let’s talk about one of the best pump paintball guns: the Azodin KPC.

Azodin KPC Review

A reboot of the highly successful Kaos pump the KPC combines all the fantastic features of its predecessor.It also has some new additions to make this pump marker even more accurate and efficient.

Azodin KPC Review

Straight out of the box the Azodin KPC comes with these features and benefits:

  • Body construction using a half-block design
  • Rod and guide made of stainless steel
  • Co2 and Compressed Air compatible
  • Feed neck with a screw lock
  • Reversible hitman plate
  • Feather regulator that comes already set
  • Plaited airline
  • 14-inch one-piece barrel (.
  • 68 bore)
  • Solo trigger construction
  • Bolt with rapid disengagement

The folks over at Azodin also saw fit to add into that box a parts kit, multiple Allen wrenches and a bag to protect your barrel.

The first thing we should talk about is careful attention to the crafting process.

Azodin released a new beast onto the battlefield.

They did this by taking into account the changes that have occurred in the paintball world since the inception of the original Kaos pump.

See An Unboxing of the Azodin KPC

The lightweight construction is a vital piece of the game with a final weight that beats its competition by a significant amount.

Though entirely made of metal the use of a Delrin bolt lessens the weight and allows the gun to come in at just about 2 pounds.

Not to mention by using that specialized bolt the drag decreases significantly.

This change helps when firing.


There is less recoil which translates into more comfortable firing of this pump marker.

Another aspect that allows for a more comfortable carry is the ergonomic rubber grip frame panels.

With the comfort handled the creative team f designers moved on to more improvements on the world-renowned Kaos pump of old.

Functionality wise one of the most effective upgrades has been the addition of a single trigger.

With a single trigger, you have even more ease of use and efficiency.

All of this for the price of this marker is absolutely worth it.

And this means that you start your career on the MilSim battlefield with all the confidence of a seasoned vet.

Azodin KPC Manual

Withal markers, you get access to or even a copy of the owner’s manual in the box.

The manual that you get with the Azodin KPC has the standard instructions and an outstanding section on troubleshooting.

Though it does have illustrations in color and detailed parts diagrams is still not as comprehensive as some of its competitor’s models.

So, we have talked about the physical body and the specs of those parts, but a marker is not merely the sum of its parts.

The design is just one aspect of the checklist you should be looking at when deciding which marker to buy.

So, let’s talk about the actual use of this marker and its durability.

The Azodin KPC’s Durability

Paying attention to the finer details, the designers at Azodin have created a tough and long-lasting marker.

The materials used to build this maker are of the highest quality and are the chief reason the Azodin KPC lives such a long and productive life.

There is minimal upkeep helped out by the super detailed maintenance section in the manual.

This paintball gun is a fantastic choice for the new player or someone who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to rock the battlefield when they hit it.

So now we know that this marker has the potential to last you your lifetime how does is when firing.


This budget-friendly gun is definitely going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Efficiency still plays a part when talking about the markers firing capability.

And the ability to use either CO2 canisters or compressed air is a great benefit.

That kind of flexibility elevates this marker to the same level of operation as its pricier peers.

Part of being on par with its competition is the functionality of its firing process.

With little to no recoil and the highly sensitive trigger, you get high accuracy and rapid-fire capability.

Pair this with a great stock barrel and that accuracy will be incredible up to distances of 60′.

One of the major cons does fall into the firing category, and that is the amount of sound that radiates from the marker while firing it.

This con though seems to be a personal preference as not everyone feels the same.

After all, it is not the only marker that suffers from a loud shot.

And if this is the only negative to the marker.

With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you should be fine.

Azodin KPC for Sale

The Azodin KPC is one of the most budget-friendly markers out there.

In a field where you could very easily spend half a grand just to get started this marker will not send you into a fetal position.

Typically, this marker comes in at prices ranging from $150 – $200.

A price like this means that for that cool half a grand you might spend on one of those other markers you can get the Azodin KPC plus be able to afford some killer upgrades.

Check Price At Amazon

Final Words

I guess then the ultimate question that should be on the tip of your tongue is:

  • Is the Azodin KPC paintball gun any good?

The easiest way to break this down is with a good old-fashioned pro and cons list, so let’s do that.

If you are a new player unsure of if you will like this new hobby, then the low budget requirements are enough reason to make this your go-to marker for battlefield success.

The Empire Sniper Review – Serious Pump-Action Paintballers Only

  • Updated July 31st, 2023
Empire Sniper Review written in white letters on a blue background

Are you looking for an Empire Sniper review that answers all your questions?

Don’t worry we have you covered.


    • Firing is quiet
    • Firing is very smooth and accurate
    • Comes with an auto trigger
    • Ready for combat straight from the store
    • Price


    • Price
    • Simple barrel kit
    • Not as many upgrades as other markers


Great those ready to elevate their game

This marker takes the predecessors flawless track record and ups the ante.

It contains built-in additions that every modern paintballer expects.

If you’re in the market for the best pump-action paintball gun that has years of happy paintballers behind it, the Empire Sniper Pump may be just the right marker for you.

But like most consumers, you probably want to do a little research before shelling out your hard-earned money.

That makes plenty of sense and so what do you say we take a deep dive into the features and benefits of this marker.

How about we see if it is the best fit for your battlefield persona?

Or is it just another over-hyped marker?

Empire Sniper Pump Review

Straight out of the box this marker is ready for you to jump into tournament play and capture the glory and that is no small feat. The construction of this high-end pump paintball gun comes from the renowned blueprints of the Autococker designs. Building on a marker that is already illustrious the world over the designers at Empire has crafted the Empire Sniper. They created this marker to be competition for all the other tournament level paintball guns out there.

The Empire Sniper Pump gun gives you these features and benefits in its stock model:

  • A kit comprising several Allen wrenches for maintenance and spare parts
  • Device to block your barrel
  • Multiple sizes of barrel inserts
  • Pump marker that is tournament ready
  • Operates with low pressure
  • Speedy firing with the auto trigger
  • 2-piece aluminum barrel (14”)
  • Barrel threads made to the Autococker specifications
  • 10 round capacity feed system
  • Detachable pump plate
  • Proprietary handle and sled
  • Designed for vertical feed
  • PSI gauge that can mount on either side of the marker

See An Unboxing of the Empire Sniper

The Empire Sniper paintball gun has some impressive specs.

But let’s get deeper into what makes this tournament level marker the right choice for your battlefield exploits.

A Few Words About The Empire Sniper Pump Manual

The Empire Sniper Pump gun manual is an in-depth tool that gives the paintballer a leg up on the minute details and maintenance.

It has a detailed break down of the composition and parts specifications.

You will be able to keep your marker working at t’s highest capabilities, and that will increase your credibility on the field.

After all, only a newbie wouldn’t realize they need to lubricate and clean their gun after each use.

Where To Find The Empire Sniper Pump For Sale?

Even with its highly efficient production and all the fantastic features, this gun comes in at a reasonably mid-grade price.

There are less expensive choices from companies like Azodin.

But for what you are getting when you buy the Empire Sniper the price is well worth it.

Available on many sites the average price ranges from $380 – $420.

For a new player, this may seems like an astronomical price tag and be a bit of a deterrent but take a deep breathe and think about what you are getting.

It has a durable construction and ready to play straight out the box.

This marker will quickly earn its money for you during your scenario campaigns.

Empire Sniper Pump Action Goodness

If you’re ready for a super reliable and durable gun to complete your paintball kit, then look no further.

That is what the designers of this marker wanted to bring you.

So Empire crafted everything on this gun from the handgrip to the barrel to bring you the perfect play.

The first thing to consider when thinking field performance is the comfortability of use.

Several aspects of this marker come together to make an ergonomic product.

Down to the molded wrap hand grip with its perfectly crafted finger grooves, the Empire Sniper screams comfortability.

The entire frame of this gun becomes a testament to the designer’s dedicated to creating a marker that is for the player.

Composed of aluminum the Sniper won’t add extra heft to your kit (it weighs just a meager 2 pounds) and therefore frees you up to be as stealthy as you want to.

Several little additions shine to add on to the lightweight frame.

The marker contains an ambidextrous adapter so that it doesn’t matter if you are a lefty or a righty.

The auto trigger is one drill to allow for the right weight allotment.

How much more comfort does a paintball player need?

As much as they can get that’s why the designers even made the safety button effortless to reach.

This highly functional pump action paintball gun is perfect for the newbie or the seasoned veteran.

And it can play on the same level as its many high-performance peers.

It is no wonder that the industry recognizes the Empire Sniper as one of the most effective ones on the market.

It becomes evident when you see all the great thought these designers put into the crafting of this paintball gun.

Empire Sniper Pump Feeding Tube

One of the pluses to this marker is the feed system that comes with the marker.

The 10-round system is easily installed and converts your marker into a paintball scattering machine.

On top of making this as an inbox upgrade, it requires no tools and just a few minutes to execute.

Empire Sniper Pump Firing

All of that is well and good.

But if this marker does not sparkle when you fire it, then that’s a no go.

It would be pointless to talk about the durability or even the comfort-focused manufacturing of it.

The good thing is that this paintball gun does not suffer from any negative aspects when it comes to firing.

It starts with the feel of the weapon in your hand.

This feel is reason enough for all the accolades that the paintball community showers on the Empire Sniper.

And you can pair that with the fact that it has a rapid-fire capability akin to most of the semi-automatic paintball guns that share the battlefield with it.

Not to mention the incredible accuracy at distances of more than fifty feet is impressive.

Quickfire is excellent, but easy quickfire is even better and with a two-finger pump assist.

This fun addition to the features allows the MilSim player to re-cock just be pressing their two fingers together.

Not having to make much movement allows the player to maintain complete focus on their targets while being on the go.

So, efficiency is the name of the game with this paintball gun.

Not only does it fire rapidly and with extreme accuracy, but it does it with all the capabilities of some of the best semi-auto markers out there.

Empire Sniper Pump Durability

I know what you are rethinking for the price; I better get my money’s worth.

The Empire Sniper will not disappoint on this point either.

The construction allows this marker to be able to take a beating as is the internal workings.

The aluminum construction is not only to make it a lighter carry but to make it that much more reliable.

But like with anything that relies on mechanisms and gears it requires maintenance.

A strict repairs schedule will only lengthen its life and increase its durability on the field.

With proper patience and upkeep, this marker can last a lifetime of paintball combat.

So, make sure to read the manual to ensure you completely understand your markers needs.

Empire Sniper Pump Options

With all of that, the Sniper also offers limited options for both color and upgrades.

Aesthetically the marker comes in only two colors with all the parts in black.

This may not be as cool as some of the military style markers you see on the field.

But it is not about what it looks like it is about how it functions, and this marker performs mighty well.

Now for upgrades, there are a few that you should think about once you get accustomed to the piece.

But the Empire Sniper certainly does not offer as many as some markers on the market.

Once again though because it is a high-performance piece maybe a limited variety of upgrades is all you need to amp your game up.

Final Words

The Empire Strike Pump is ready to use straight from the box.

And that alone means that it is excellent for that eager newbie that wants to hit the field as soon as possible.

Once you add in all the other benefits and features, one thing becomes evident.

This marker would be dandy for any player at any level of experience even though the price is excellent for this type of marker.

Check Price At Amazon

For the beginner, it could be a little bit of an investment.

But this investment will give them a durable and efficiency start to their MilSim career.

So, if all that sounds like just what you were looking for make sure to check out the Empire Sniper Pump.

The Tippmann TCR Review To Resolve Any Doubt About Buying Or Not

  • Updated July 31st, 2023
Tippmann TCR Review In White Letters On A Blue Background


    • Great price point
    • Easy to carry and durable
    • Options to upgrade
    • Compatible with multiple balls


    • May need upgrades out of the box
    • Disassembly is a little complicated
    • Inconsistent FPS


Great first Mag-Fed Marker

We’re going to show you everything you need to look for in this Tippmann TCR Review.

With the hundreds of choices that you must choose from the question remains:

  • Which marker should you choose?
  • Which one will make you stand out from the rest of the newbies on the battlefield?

It’s good you are asking these questions before you head out to the store or grab that laptop and start clicking away.

The selection you make here could define your MilSim reputation and your on-field style.

So let’s look at one of your choices, The Tippmann TCR MagFed paintball gun.

Tippmann TCR Review

The Tippman Tactical Combat Rifle, or the Tippman TCR for short, straight out of the box is an excellent marker.Based on the trendy TiPX pistol design it takes all the fantastic internal mechanisms and adds some instrumental additions. The Tippmann TCR in its stock model version is compatible with the very popular First Strike paintball. You can use First Strike rounds without having to upgrade a single piece.

Though some TCR paintball gun enthusiasts have stated that if you want to use special magazines then changing the breech is a necessity.

Even with this slight drawback, the fact that you can use a highly accurate and range increasing ammo straight out the gate is a great plus.

Another cool and efficient addition that Tippmann has added is a new spool valve.

See An Unboxing of the Tippmann TCR

This addition intends to fix the low-velocity problems of the TiPX pistol which it seems to have been successful doing.

There have been a few people online that dispute this claim, but for the most part, the fps is consistent.

The TCR also offers some other unique features.

These features are specifically intended to give the paintballer some choice options.

For instance, with the built-in remote line connector, the TCR MagFed marker offers the player the choice between Co2 cartridges and a tank.

So often in the world, in general, our left-handed friends get the raw deal.

But because of the location of the Co2 chamber on this TCR, Tippmann has seen fit to include them in the package.

So, both right-handed and left-handed MilSim combatants will be able to change out their choices of Co2 conveyances with ease.

Tippmann TCR Specs

The mechanical semi-auto Tippmann MagFed TCR’s full list of specs is:

  • MagFed TCR marker
  • In-line remote connector
  • Capable of dual feed
  • Top mounted flip sights
  • Multiple mags compatible

Included with stock model:

  • Conversion feed neck for a hopper
  • x2 magazines (1 7-ball/1 12-ball)
  • Designed to be lightweight and compact
  • Ammo compatible with .68 gauge or FS rounds
  • Tactical barrel with an 11” length
  • Ambidextrous quick release for the Co2 cartridge
  • A no tool necessary adjustable foregrip that is foldable
  • Easily customizable
  • Two air sources

Tippmann TCR Manual

One of the best things about grabbing yourself a Tippmann marker is that they have downloadable PDFs.

You can find each one of their manuals available for free on their site.

This accessibility is a life saver especially if you misplace the one that comes in the markers box.

It allows you to always have on hand the safety and installation guidelines.

Always get familiar with your manual to ensure that you are a responsible paintballer.

Check out the manual here.

Where To Find The Tippmann TCR For Sale

The Tippmann marker only comes in one model, but that doesn’t mean that this paintball gun doesn’t deserve a chance.

Just google Tippmann TCR, and you will find many places that you can buy this marker.

Not only solo but in packages and it is one of the most affordable models out there.

What Is The Tippmann TCR Price?

Perhaps the biggest plus to investing in this marker is the low price of entry it affords the new player into the MilSim game world.

With a price point around $350, this marker is one of the best mag-fed paintball guns for close combat.

With it’s realistic to look, you can still look like a professional out there on the field and not break the bank and.

The low cost is a pro.

Price is an issue especially if you are getting into this sport.

Check Price At Amazon

Maybe you’re looking to build your reputation on the field by maximizing the customizability of this gun.

For what you might pay for one of those other guns just the stock model you can grab the TCR and multiple upgrades.

Plus, there is always the bundle option like the one below.

The Tippmann TCR Bundle Gives You Everything To Get Started

The low-price threshold translates over to this bundle option.

In fact, for just an extra Benjamin you can have yourself a nice setup.

With the bundle, you will be entirely ready for even more upgrades without having to take a second mortgage out on your house.

Check out what you get with the Tippmann TCR bundle.


  • The stock model marker itself
  • A dozen Co2 cartridges
  • Two additional 12 round mags

The idea that these pieces of the puzzle are already at your fingers should open a world of possibilities in the upgrades field.

But what about the rest of the TCR specs like magazine release and the practicals of usage.

Let’s look at all that before we break down the pros and cons of this marker.

Tippmann TCR Mag Release

The one thing that stands out as a definite con is the TCR’s magazine release.

It is just not the smoothest or most effective despite its ability for anyone to use it.

The Marker is customizable in this area though with a plethora of choices to change out the unsatisfactory part.


The TCR comes with a tactical barrel that measures at 11 inches.

This barrel goes through a hardening process that will make it durable and suitable for any MilSim situation you find yourself in on the battlefield.

Another enjoyable aspect of this marker is its compatibility with the parts from the TiPX especially the barrel.

The barrel thread of this marker is another check in the pro category.

Having an A5 barrel thread means lots of options.

Even though the TCR comes with a stock barrel, there are a lot of barrel selections available for you to customize your marker.

How Well Does The Tippmann TCR Shoot?

Players that have already purchased this marker rave about the lack of recoil and the accuracy of the factory sights, but what about the numbers.

When it comes to the TCR’s shooting metrics, they are even more reason to take a serious look at purchasing this paintball gun.

The TCR’s stock model gives the MilSim soldier a vast range to work with regardless of the situation.

So, if you are executing a raid on the other team’s base or playing the long game, you have up to 150 feet to play with range-wise.

With the longer barrel not only are you afforded extended range but also more velocity without having to use a higher pressure setting.

Adjusting the velocity is quite easy on the TCR.

However many players have been able to pull the marker from the box, assemble and hit the battlefield with an accurate FPS ranging between 260 – 280.

If you do have to adjust the velocity, it’s simple.

All you have to do is screw accordingly and then test your marker to see if you have gotten the velocity setting to your desired FPS.


So, with all that information what is the final word on the Tippmann TCR marker.

Let’s break it down into a good old pro and con list and then see where that gets us.

What we like:

The price point!

Above all else, this could be the defining reason for many to decide on this model.

The low cost of this marker allows the MilSim novice to afford a competitive marker that has an excellent reputation on the battlefield.

Easy to carry and durable.

The weightier peers of this marker lose points against the TCR in this field.

Made to look realistic in its high-grade aluminum production the TCR is a lightweight alternative to the heavier metal models.

On top of that, the treatment of the aluminum and the construction makes this marker hard to destroy.

Options to upgrade!

Having the TiPX as its predecessor gives the TCR a unique advantage.

There is a lot of interchangeability of parts between these two markers.

Being able to swap out parts makes upgrading your piece even more effortless.

On top of that, several upgrades are available that have nothing to do with the TiPX.

The options available to enhance your marker means that no two TCR’s need is the same.

Compatible with multiple balls.

The ability to switch up your round is a pro.

Whether you feel like just using the tried and true paintballs or you want to up your game with the First Strike round, this marker allows for both.

What we don’t like:

You may need to upgrade some factory parts out of the box.

Some owners of this marker have suggested that there may be a need to upgrade.

You may need to change not only your breach but also your mag release to make the marker work more effectively.

Disassembly is a little complicated.

There have been reports of the disassembly and reassembly being difficult.

Some users have complained of inconsistent FPS.

Mostly, others have touted the amazing consistency of the marker.

But there have been complaints of an inconsistent FPS.

So overall the Tippmann TCR is a great choice to make your first marker or even add to your MilSim arsenal.

Despite some complaints about inconsistent FPS and the need to upgrade factory pieces immediately most players that have used this marker have fallen in love with all its benefits and cool features.

Check Price At Amazon

Bottom line there are more pros then cons, so if you are looking for a highly accurate and durable marker, the Tippmann TCR is the gun for you.

Now get out there and kick some butt!

Finally! An Exhaustive Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review in 2023

  • Updated July 31st, 2023
Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review Written In White Letters On A Blue Background
Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review

We cover everything you need to know to make a buying decision in this Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review.


    • AR platform = almost limitless customization
    • Consistency and reliability potential
    • Above-average construction materials


    • Investment required to get the marker working well
    • Proprietary barrel
    • Upgrades immediately needed for proper functionality


Great mag-fed marker for top performance.

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review

There are three main reasons why this mag-fed paintball marker is appealing:

  1. It is mag-fed;
  2. Its looks and dimensions replicate the AR platform; and
  3. Like the AR, it is customizable.

Overall this is a great mag-fed paintball gun.

There are some issues that any potential buyer should be aware of before deciding.

And we will go through those in this Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review.

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Specs:

  • Firing Modes: Semi-auto
  • Propellant: CO2or Compressed Air
  • Bore size: .683
  • Barrel length:14”

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 mag-fed Systems

Like any new technology, the mag-fed system in paintball currently suffers from reliability issues.

From a business perspective, it all makes sense.

You expect that a company systematically goes about R&D.

They have to make sure that this new technology has a profitable place in the marketplace.

Before dumping a lot of money into R&D to improve the design and function, they must be profitable.

This is the where mag-fed systems currently live.

Tiberius is aware of the problems with its mag-fed paintball guns.

Unlike other manufacturers, they are going to great lengths to work with its customers through these issues.

Many stories are out there of owners of the T15 sending the marker into the company and getting a fix free of charge.

Of course, these stories also usually involve having to send the marker in many times.

These returns are for different issues, but the point is that Tiberius is customer-friendly.

You can get the T15 to work reliably, but you will likely not get this performance straight out of the box.

It will take some tinkering on your part.

And the company is willing to work with you.

There is also a massive following for this marker on social media.

These groups are where help with almost any issue is available.

What Comes With Your Purchase

What you get with your T15 is pretty sparse.

You get a carry case with custom cut-out foam for the marker, two magazines, and a few tools.

The very first thing a lot of people do is discard the carry case which we do not recommend.

This Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Review would be incomplete with this recommendation.

The reason for this is because one of the attractions of this marker is the ability to customize it.

That does not mix well with custom cut-out foam as the moment you add anything to the marker it will no longer fit.

However, the carry case consists of spiffy nylon material.

It is not difficult to cut the foam yourself to make room for your modifications.

There is a lot of room in that case so you should be able to keep it a long time even through many upgrades.

See an unboxing of the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 manual

The product manual for the T15 is a bit thin.

However, it gives you everything you’ll need to know to break down the marker & maintain it.

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15’s AR Platform

As mentioned one of the most significant appeals of this mag-fed paintball gun is the fact that is an AR platform.

It looks exactly like an AR.

Many of the dimensions and functionality of this marker are AR mil-spec down to the magazines.

However, there are disadvantages to making a paintball marker that resembles a firearm as closely as possible.

The Tiberius Arms First Strike T15:

  • Weighs over 4 lbs
  • Consists mainly of cast aluminum
  • Contains very few plastic pieces

There is a lot of benefits to the user from these design choices.

Real-Life Functionality For An Added Cost

But all that material costs Tiberius money to manufacture.

And the higher price point of the T15 reflects these choices.

The charging handle also suffers by mimicking the AR style.

AR-15’s platform primarily operates on a blowback system.

In this system the force of firing the round cycles the action.

The same thing happens with the T15 except it is using compressed air and not small explosions.

Naturally, this will vary yielding different results.

So, the charging handle doesn’t always lock back or fully return.

And it needs some manual manipulation at times to get it working.

Overall the inconsistent results from copying the AR platform balance out.

The above-average materials used to make the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 are a huge bonus.

You will likely not find better results from other mag-fed markers.

You will more than likely find worse results from other mag-fed paintball guns.

Check Price At Amazon

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Problems

There are a few design choices made with the T15 that are worthy of keeping in mind.

Design Flaws of the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15

First, the T15 can switch between being mag-fed and hopper-fed.

You can accomplish this by opening the dust cover on the side of the breach.

Then turn the barrel so that the barrel port aligns with the hopper adapter on the outside of the marker.

Because of this design choice the barrel that comes with the T15 is not threaded but instead is a twist-lock barrel.

Your Autococker and A5 threaded barrels will not work with the T15.

A lot of paintballers have issues with this barrel dilemma.

This seems like a bit of a setback given that the vast majority of barrels in the industry are Autococker.

So Tiberius’ design excludes the ability for most players to use their barrels in favor of being able to use a hopper.

Most people who like mag-fed markers wouldn’t want to use a hopper anyway.

There are adapters you can buy that twist-lock on one end.

These adapters have threads for whichever barrel you want to substitute.

But these adapters are not cheap.

Most people who buy the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 won’t be looking to spend money to fix an inherent design flaw.

Because the design allows mag-fed and hooper-fed systems, the breach is actually at the back of the barrel along with the detents.

When the bolt is not cocked, it sits on these detents and flattens them.

So when you are storing the marker, you need to either remove the bolt, cock the bolt back or remove the barrel.

Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 Magazines

It is nice that Tiberius recognized right off the bat that some R&D would need to go into the magazines of a mag-fed marker.

We realize that sounds a little obvious, but other manufacturers didn’t get the memo.

The magazines are mil-spec for the AR platform and are pretty sturdy.

This design is durable and can take a beating.

You can drop these mags on the ground during mag changes.

They will survive in the field during matches when people are running here and there.

An excellent design feature of these mags is the way they accept first-strike rounds.

The track through which the rounds load turns the first strike rounds 90 degrees.

When you load the magazine, they sit horizontally.

When they hit that same track again, about three rounds down the magazine, they flip again and load into the breach.

This ensures these rounds do not tip while in the magazine and result in a misfeed.

The first generation magazines had a problem with the loading system.

To load the mags, you use a lever on the side of the magazine to wind the internal line which presses down on the magazine spring and allows you to load.

The line on the first generation magazines tended to break.

Keep this in mind if you intend to buy used and ensure you get the second generation which fixed this problem.

In either the first or second generation magazines you get a capacity choice of 20 round balls or 19 first-strike rounds.

Customizing The Tiberius Arms First Strike T15

The fact that the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15 is on an AR platform means there is nearly endless customization potential.

We will not go into great detail on those options here.

Instead, we will focus on a few customizations other T15 owners have recommended across the board.

First, the gas ports about halfway down the barrel cause some FPS inconsistencies, and we recommend to seal these ports.

The general recommendation is to use electrical tape.

Second, replace the stock handguard.

This handguard doesn’t stay locked very well and tends to rotate which is not very convenient if you have a bipod or similar attached.

Third, as with all AR’s, you will likely need to get a riser for any sights or optics.

Most people’s eyes will not be level with the iron sights when looking down the barrel.


This marker is a dream for anyone who enjoys shooting a mag-fed marker on an AR platform.

It is still very possible to get the consistency and reliability out of this marker.

Check Price At Amazon

You can make it your go-to option in a match, but it will take an investment of time and energy to get it to that point.

With a little tweaking, this is one of the mag-fed markers that can be the best option available today.

The Complete Tippmann TiPX Review – Must Read Before Buying 2023

  • Updated July 31st, 2023
Tippmann TiPX Review Written On Blue Background
Tippmann TiPX Review

In this Tippmann TiPX Review, we will cover everything you need to know before deciding to buy.


    • Lightweight
    • Reliable
    • Plenty of available upgrades
    • Easy to operate


    • Complex Disassembly
    • Short Stock Barrel
    • Limited Capacity
    • Poor magazine construction


Excellent secondary marker or for close combat

Tippmann TiPX Review

The Tippmann TiPX is the second generation of their original TPX.It is Tippmann’s solution to the problems with the TPX reported by users. Tippmann initially offered to perform the necessary upgrades on all the TPX’s out on the market.

They integrated those fixes right into the manufacturing process, and the TiPX was born.

The main attractions of this marker are that it is:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to operate
  • A ton of available upgrades

Tippmann TiPX Specifications

  • Barrel Length: 6.25 stock barrel
  • Bore: .68
  • Weight: 1.81 LBS
  • Feed Style: Magazine
  • Propellant: CO2 (Nitrogen/compressed air with upgrades)

Tippmann TiPX weight

One of the first things you’ll notice is the weight of the TiPX is 1.81 lbs.

Now, this is lightweight compared to a standard marker.

So, this is good news for anyone who needs to be nimble in the field.

Tippmann TiPX Dimensions

Of course, some of you are trying to figure out how will you lug the TiPX around with you in the field.

Knowing the dimensions is essential.

Dimensions are vital to those who are trying to find a new holster or wondering if this will fit in your vest.

Dimensions: 11 3/4″ x 7″


The Tippmann TiPX is a pistol marker.

An operator will go through the same essential functions to use the marker as a real pistol.

The marker is magazine-fed with an external safety switch and magazine release.

Unlike a regular pistol, there is no slide or hammer on the interior even though it is semi-automatic.

The control bore is the stock barrel that comes with your purchase and resides within the marker.

This is a bit of a weakness with the design because it is not a quick process to disassemble if needed.

If you get paintballs breaking inside the barrel or somewhere similar you need to take several screws out.

Then take the face off of the slide to access and clean the internal portions.

The TiPX takes a 7-round magazine and depending on which model or package you buy will come with 1 to 3 magazines.

The magazines, like a regular firearm, load into the grip of the marker.

You can eject these mags by pushing an easy magazine release button.

The grip of the paintball gun has ammo windows.

This way you can quickly check your remaining capacity.

See An Unboxing of the Tippmann TiPX


Out of the box, the marker takes 12-gram cartridges CO2 cartridges.

You can insert them into a chamber underneath the barrel.

The chamber access opens by turning a 1/4 turn of the end cap which has fins for easy turning.

You insert the cartridge and close the cap.

The first trigger pull after this punctures the cartridge and pressurizes the system.

Underneath this chamber is a Picatinny accessory rail for things like foregrips, flashlights, etc.



The barrel you get with your purchase is only 6.25 inches long.

This length is pretty short if you are looking to shoot long range.

If long range is what you need, then we would recommend choosing any of the many barrels for this marker.

You can find them available on the market but don’t go over 14 inches total for your barrel.

Paintballs tend to start producing drag at this length.

Tippmann TiPX Firing

Tippmann TiPX FPS & Velocity

Max fps & velocity

The standard FPS seems to range from about 200 FPS to 300 FPS.

You can adjust the velocity on the marker easily.

Velocity Adjustment

The velocity adjuster needs a wrench to operate.

This adjustment is different from being able to do so by hand like typical markers.

So this marker should still be legal on any playing field.

By all accounts, the feeding problems seen with the previous generation are no more.

This marker will work as advertised.

Shots per CO2

You’ll get roughly 2 – 3 magazine’s worth of shots fired with the TiPX before it’s time to change cartridges.

That gives you approximately 14 – 20 shots per CO2.

Range & Distance

The product  manual for the TiPX states that the range is around 200 feet.

However, this would be with a full-charged CO2 cartridge.

As the CO2 runs out, then the range decreases.

There’s always the possibility of running a remote line so that pressure will not be a problem.


Keep in mind that the barrel is only 6 inches long.

This length is about half of the typical markers length.

Even with such a short barrel, the Tippmann TiPX is still pretty accurate.


The magazines are this marker’s greatest con.

They are cheaply made and have an inherent problem that you need to work around.

These magazines are spring-loaded.

When loading you depress the spring until the magazine is full.

At this point, you insert the mag into the marker, and this releases the spring and feeds the paintballs into the breach.

If you carry multiple magazines for the TiPX, then be aware that the detents on the top of the magazine do a poor job.

And what is the point of the marker if you don’t carry extra mags.

When you are running around in a match, these paintballs will fall out of the magazine if you do not have a pouch with a strap or something that goes over the top.

Even if the magazines are lying on their side, these detents will not prevent paintballs from falling out when bumped.

When you are already dealing with a low capacity marker, this is a problem.

The magazines were originally an 8-round stagger-stacked mag, but due to feeding issues, they had to drop it down to a 7-round straight-stack mag.

Lastly, it is possible to bend and warp these magazines by merely squeezing them by hand.

So if you drop these magazines during a match and someone steps on them, you will be buying a new mag.

Tippmann TiPX Price

The price tends to fluctuate for the TiPX.

Usually, you can find it online for around $250 – $300.

The amount depends on if you get a kit or just the marker by itself.

Where Can You Find the Tippmann TiPX for Sale

Check Price At Amazon

Upgrades and Customization

There is an enormous community surrounding pistol markers and the TiPX.

This community provides a nearly endless array of possible builds.

It is possible to set your TiPX up for:

  • Long distance shooting
  • Close range with multiple targets
  • As a primary marker for front-line offense

It is little wonder then that there is an entire industry around manufacturing and offering aftermarket upgrades for this specific marker.


While there are a lot of upgrades available, take it all in stride.

This Tippmann TiPX review would not be worth its salt if we didn’t recommend sticking to just those that you don’t need to upgrade to the remote line to use.

The Tippmann TiPX is an excellent secondary marker or a marker for those on the go such as a medic or someone with a shield.

The remote line:

  • Doesn’t increase the functionality of the paintball pistol
  • Is complex to install
  • Makes using the marker a lot less enjoyable

There are drum magazines that are available on the market.

These mags will provide the rounds necessary to justify the remote line.

But at their price point plus the cost of the TiPX you are better off just buying something like the ETHA.

Tippmann has gone a long way towards producing a better pistol marker with this generation.

The improvements to the feeding system and operation show by all the positive reviews the TiPX has received recently.

If you are looking for a backup marker that functions well and quickly this is an excellent choice.

The Tippmann Project Salvo Review To Read Before It’s Too Late

  • Updated July 31st, 2023
Tippmann Project Salvo Review in White Letters Written on a Blue Background
Tippmann Project Salvo Review in White Letters Written on a Blue Background


    • Plenty of Upgrades
    • Can Upgrade to Full Auto
    • U.S. Army Trains With It


    • Weighs More Than Most Markers
    • Lots of Maintenance
    • Unsteady at Times


Nice Entry-Level Marker for MilSim and Woodsball

In this Tippmann Project Salvo Review, we will cover all of the great features this marker possesses.

It is entirely customizable to fit anyone’s needs.

The AR-15 style marker has a six-position collapsible/foldable stock.

It also has four built-in Picatinny rails.

Keeping with the AR-15 style, Tippmann’s magazine for this marker can act as a toolbox too.

Tippmann Project Salvo Review

Tippmann has been one of the go-to companies in the paintball industry for a long time. The quality and price point of their products is the main reason. The quality is so great that even the U.S. military uses their markers. The Project Salvo is one of their tools for combat field training exercises. Hobbyists though are making MilSim games a popular activity. The durability and low price point make any Tippmann paintball a great entry marker.

So why is the Tippmann Project Salvo such a favorite amongst newbies and veterans alike?

There are three main reasons the Project Salvo is a favorite, and they are:
  1. Design
  2. Ability to Customize
  3. Price

Let’s start with the design and individualization options.

Tippmann built the Project Salvo to replicate the look and functionality of the AR-15.

But it is so much more than a mere look alike.

Can you adjust the stock on the Project Salvo?

The stock is adjustable and folds into six different positions.

So stock offers a comfortable seat when nestling the butt of the stock into your shoulder.

The simple fact that the Project Salvo is an AR-15 replica means that the accessories for this paintball marker are interchangeable.

This is what makes the Project Salvo so easy to individualize.

See An Unboxing of the Tippmann Project Salvo

There’s one thing that makes owning this marker so easy.

And that’s because Tippmann bases it off of the  98 design which is a commonplace model.

Most accessories that are compatible with the 98 are interchangeable with the Project Salvo.

What are the downsides of this marker?

There are some cons to the design as well.

The realistic modeling of the Project Salvo lends to making a heavier than usual marker.

If you compare its weight to other paintball guns, then keep this in mind.

You should think about the primary way you will use it when considering your purchase.

Though a pro of the design, the fact you can personalize the Project Salvo also leads to some issues too.

What are some upsides of this marker?

The ease of interchangeability is a win.

But in juxtaposition, the maintenance of the basics can be challenging.

The main thing that makes this difficult is the barrel shroud.

The Project Salvo has a high threshold of upkeep.

That could be something to consider if you are not big on maintaining your markers.

Another consideration as a con is the plastic construction of the stock.

This construction can cause some unsteadiness.

It is often enough most paintballers refuse to use it any way deciding to swap it out instead.

Tippmann Project Salvo Specs

The Tippmann Project Salvo Specs are:

  • Six-position collapsible & folding stock
  • 11” Quick Thread Barrel
  • Stainless Steel Gas Line
  • AR-15 Style Shroud
  • Quick Release Feeder Elbow
  • Picatinny rails
  • Removable/Adjustable Front & Rear Sights
  • Aluminum Die Cast Tippmann Receiver
  • In-Line Bolt System
  • Compatibility w/ Tippmann 98 model

Is the Tippmann Project Salvo a Good Gun?

The Tippmann Project Salvo is a well designed and wallet-friendly marker.

With the approval of the U.S. Army through its dedicated use of this marker in their combat exercises, this should be a check in the pro column.

Its easy customization allows for each paintballer to craft their own specialized marker.

The Tippmann Project Salvo in its stock version is good for the newbie and seasoned veteran.

With a few Tippmann Project Salvo upgrades, you can make it your go-to marker for even the veteran paintballer.

Tippmann Project Salvo Price

As with most Tippmann markers, the price point is one of the most significant selling points.

We all know that paintball can get costly.

The low price point of the Project Salvo makes entry into this sport a little less painful.

The stock price of the Project Salvo depending on the site or store you choose to buy from ranges from $135 – $150.

Check Price At Amazon

Variations of the Tippmann Project Salvo

There are a few different variations of the Project Salvo including different colors and kits.

Some of these variations are:

Tippmann Project Salvo – Black or Tan

This Tippmann Project Salvo variation has all the great attributes of the stock marker including:

  • Aluminum receiver
  • AR-15 styled w/ 6 position collapsible and folding stock
  • In-line bolt system


  • Tan/black receiver & accessories

Tippmann Project Salvo Tactical Edition

The Tactical edition of the Project Salvo marker has all the feature and benefits of the stock marker in addition to:

  • Red Dot Reflex Sight

Firing Options for the Tippmann Project Salvo

The marker has the same firing options as markers that cost much more than the Tippmann version.

The significant difference is that it is much quieter when fired than some of its market counterparts.

Because of this, the marker is a fantastic fit for many different types of MilSims.

The Tippmann Project Salvo does weigh more than some.

It offers a lower rate of fire which means it’s excellent for MilSim.

However, it is not great for is any form of speedball.

Is the Tippmann Project Salvo Full Auto?

The Tippmann Project Salvo can shoot full auto by adding the E-Trigger kit.

With this kit, your Project Salvo will be able to have five different firing modes including full auto.

This kit is easy to install and gives you the capability of firing 15 bps.

One downside of this kit is the need for a 9-volt battery.

Tippmann Project Salvo Velocity

The maintenance and upkeep of your Project Salvo’s velocity is something that you need to do every time you hit the battlefield.

Turning the screw will change the velocity.

Tippmann Project Salvo FPS

FPS is a significant number to consider when thinking about utilizing the Tippmann Project Salvo.

While testing your markers velocity, you should make sure that the speed does not exceed 300 FPS.

You must observe the playing field’s rules.

Tippmann Project Salvo Manual

Tippmann has made all their marker models manuals available for download on their website.

The manual is an excellent tool for the maintenance and upkeep of this marker.

Every paintballer should know their markers in and out.

This knowledge will ensure proper use & maintenance.

The manual that Tippmann provides has enough information to maintain the Tippmann Project Salvo.

Beginners and those players that have been in the game for a long time can find their way around the manual.

Project Salvo Sniper Kit

Some of the features of this kit are:

  • High-performance barrel
  • Large Red Dot Sight
  • Bipod made entirely of metal

The careful crafting of this kit results in that perfect sniper weapon.

Built by Tippmann the stock piece is already durable and steadfast.

It will hold up no matter the battlefield conditions.

The addition of a 30mm Red Dot Sight and the 45-Degree Offset Sight Rail is the perfect way to up that functionality of this marker.

You can adjust the intensity of the red dot on that sight.

Slight adjustments allow for precise aiming.

And the sight rail angles the sight for mask clearance when setting in to make that perfect shot.

The final piece of the perfect Project Salvo Sniper kit is a precision barrel.

The meticulously machining of this 20” custom sniper barrel is impressive.

They use aluminum of the highest quality for an interior finish.

Seeing the smooth and mirror-like and external appearance of a reel steel barrel is a result of this machining.

In addition to this attention to detail, the extra inches added to the barrel and porting will act to quiet the shot.

Any time you can reduce the sound of your shot, you increase your stealth ability.

A longer barrel allows for a more accurate sniping experience for any paintballer.

You can get the sniper kit here.

A Note On Customization

The Project Salvo utilizes many ways to allow for quick customizations.

A great example is the flat-top Picatinny rail in the receiver.

With this feature, it makes changing the handle, site or many other aspects a simple fix.

Any paintballer can create their own one-of-a-kind marker.

This type of creativity will add a boost to your battlefield capabilities.

So is the Tippmann Project Salvo worth the high praise, let’s take a look at what else this marker has to offer.


The Tippmann Project Salvo is an excellent choice for one type of player.

That is the next level paintballer who wants to separate themselves from the rest pack of newbies.

First off, it is it one of the easiest on the wallet.

It also has a high level of individualization.

This could be the ticket to build your reputation on the battlefield.

And it’s great for whatever MilSim games you choose to enter.

With its excellent design and extra accessories, if you are capable of handling the weight, it is a great marker.

There are some things that people may say are cons.

Is The Project Salvo the Right Marker For You?

Of course, the weight that we have already discussed.

Others may not like its inability to be useful in speedball tournament.

So, whether you are a newbie or an intermediate paintballer, you should definitely look into getting it.

It’s possible that adding the Tippmann Project Salvo marker to your paintball arsenal is what you need.

Empire Axe Review: Is This Marker The Wave Of The Future?

  • Updated February 15th, 2023
Empire AXE Review
Empire AXE Review

Empire Axe Review

4.5 out of 5 stars


    • Excellent Detents
    • Consistent PSI
    • Advanced Trigger Design
    • Lightweight
    • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty


    • Poor Feed Neck Construction
    • Shorter Barrel
    • Self-servicing might result in voided warranty
    • Inefficient with air


Above-average marker at a reasonable price


  • Bore: .689
  • Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz
  • Barrel Length: 12 inches
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, Millennium-Ramping, NXL, and PSP-Ramping

Empire Axe Review

The Empire Axe has a well-known and well-respected place in the paintball community. And that place is well-earned. With you buy this marker, you get quite a bit. You get a quick start guide, an owners manual, a parts kits, the barrel and a barrel sleeve. The parts kits contain o-rings, screws, detents, and lube.

The Axe is a testament to how much paintball marker technology has evolved over the years. Ten years ago you would have to pay 3-4 times the price of the Axe to get this same quality. You now have an excellent marker that has proven itself in professional play. The best part is that you get all this at a reasonable price.


Company and History

The Axe is Empire’s answer to the issues reported with their earlier model; the Mini. There were feeding problems, feed neck problems, and chopping issues, just to name a few issues. Also, the design of the mini was just as the name implies. It was compact which was reportedly uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

The fact that Empire, as a company, listens to their customers sets them apart from other manufacturers. Customers of Empire know their voice has power and this has resulted in a very loyal following. Empire heard all the complaints of the Mini. They then took these considerations to the design floor, and made the Axe.


The threads of the barrel are Autococker threads instead of the Tippmann A5 threads. There is a lot of “discussion” on the paintball forums about which is better. We want you to be aware that you will not be able to use A5-threaded barrels with this marker.  This way you will be able to find the best barrel that is compatible with the Axe.

Similar to the Tippmann Crossover the Empire Axe has the regulator built into the ASA. This assembly feeds into the marker via an internal gas line (air transfer tube). The benefits here are the same as all interior gas line systems. Namely, you don’t have to worry about a leaking or damaged macro line while playing. The downside is that to service the tube it requires taking the grip panel apart.

The bolt is possible to remove without tools which are not exceptional by today’s standards. But there are two noteworthy design features. First, a spring-loaded button located on the back and underside of the bolt chamber holds the bolt held in place. This button makes the bolt even easier to access on the Axe than most tool-less bolt systems. There is far less twisting required. Also, the spring then has to go through a bit of a maze. You have to physically twist the bolt back and forth before you can remove it. Both of these design features ensure secure placement of the bolt without making it a fight to access when needed.

The foregrip is comfortable and spacious. However, the materials used to make the foregrip could have been better. This material feels like a hard plastic and when covered in either paint or sweat can get a little slippery. We recommend modifying this with some grip material.

The feed neck on the Axe, while a clamping feed neck which is the best kind, only has the clamp to make a secure fit. In other markers, there are additional options such as a bolt to tighten as well as the clamp. This configuration results in a somewhat insecure fit even when an attached hopper. And the clamp just flops around when you don’t have the hopper attached.

The eyes of the Emprie Axe connect to the board via connector plates instead of wires that complete the circuit to the rest of the marker. A design feature like this makes one big difference. If you need or want to take the bolt chamber off of the marker then you do not need to unplug any eye wires to do so. This reduces the risk of damaging them.

The stock barrel that comes with the marker is 12 inches. This length is about 2 inches shorter than what most professionals recommend using. It is not imperative to the function of the marker that you get a 14-inch barrel. However, it would maximize your marker’s performance.


An Illustration of a Paintball Gun - With Text ASA / Regulator


There is an updated ASA with on/off capability, but the system still can use some improvements. The lever is not very sturdy, and if you flip it too fast or too hard, you could bend or break it.

The gauge on the side of the ASA can also be a source of contention for some. It sticks out of the side of the ASA which just adds bulk to the side of the grip panel. You would want something that follows the line of the marker. Adding this to the side means you might hit it with your hand when trying to access the on/off switch. This could also happen even in general use. Some players like it and some don’t.

Lastly, you should note that the regulator of the Axe is not a self-serviceable part. This means that if you take apart your regulator you void your warranty. For some players, this is severely irritating. Why? Most of us enjoy making such tweaks to suit our liking. We don’t appreciate either not being able to enjoy their marker or voiding our warranty entirely. If you are not the type of player, who makes internal adjustments to your regulator then don’t worry. It is unlikely that this regulator will ever malfunction.

Bolt Chamber

One of the updates to the Axe from the lessons learned with the Mini is that Empire enlarged the back of the bolt chamber. The reason for this is that the change made it easier for a larger volume of air to pass through the market. The increased airflow made its operation much more comfortable and smooth.

However, there were two problems that resulted from this.

  1. Users have reported that the poppet o-ring on the bolt tends to dry out very quickly with the extra airflow. Make sure that you take great care in keeping all your o-rings well-lubricated. You want to focus especially on this one.
  2. The larger volume of air also has resulted in lower air efficiency. Some users claim to be able to shoot one or two additional pods more with other markers with the same air tank.


The stock trigger that comes with this marker is where the Empire Axe truly shines. It is a 3-point adjustable, four position magnetic-return trigger.

What does all that mean?

It means you can adjust the trigger to whichever firing signature you prefer. If you do not already have a preferred firing signature, then you’re in for a treat. This marker has a wide variety of options to play around with. By tinkering around a little, you can determine your preferred firing signature.

The magnetic-return functionality of this trigger gives you consistent pressure against your finger. You will feel this pressure whether you are depressing the trigger to fire or release the trigger to reset. With spring-return triggers, you can sometimes get slop followed by stiffness in a trigger. That makes it difficult to know when it will break. Magnetic-return triggers make it easier to predict when your trigger will break. These are therefore better for distance.


A Graphic of a Paintball Splattered Inside the Bullseye of Crosshair


As mentioned before, the Axe has a firm reputation in the field. In fact, it is not uncommon to see these markers in professional tournaments. Professionals use it against considerably more expensive paintball guns.

The Axe operates at a low 200 PSI with a regulator. The PSI is so consistent that it would be unusual to experience more than a 10 PSI variance between shots.

While one of the weaknesses of the marker is that it is not very air efficient it is very reliable. Many reports being able to fire thousands of paintballs without a single malfunction. They do this even when switching between firing modes.

Essentially, once you set this marker at the recommended 200 PSI, leave it there, and fire to your heart’s content.


There are few negative things to say about the Axe. If there are negatives they don’t impact anything significant about its operation. Empire listened to its customers, put effort into redesigning the Axe and made a reliable marker that the professionals trust.

Pick up the Axe and feel the difference between what a company thinks you want in your hands and what a company knows you want in your hands.

Tippmann Gryphon Review – Inexpensive But Powerful Paintball Gun

  • Updated February 15th, 2023
Tippman Gryphon
Tippman Gryphon

In this Tippmann Gryphon Review, we will cover the marker from top to bottom.


    • Reliable
    • Extremely Lightweight
    • Accurate at short ranges


    • Slow Trigger
    • Hard to break down
    • Very few upgrade options


Ideal for starters

Great if you no longer want to rent

Is built to last

Tippmann Gryphon Review in 2023

Technical Specs

  • 20 inches long
  • 2.1 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 7-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • A5/X7 Barrel Thread

Tippmann Gryphon Shooting

With the name Tippmann on the marker, you expect outstanding quality at unbeatable prices.

Just like most products under this brand, the Tippmann Gryphon doesn’t disappoint.

It has a lightweight construction and simple, yet sleek, design.

This design makes for an impressive paintball marker that is sure to up your game.

You may have been on the fence about buying your own marker.

Maybe you no longer want to use hand-me-downs and worn out rentals.

If this sounds like you, then take the plunge and get the Gryphon.

Tippmann Gryphon Shooting Reliably in the Harshest Conditions

When you’re in the heat of battle, the last thing you want, or need, is for your paintball gun to jam up or it does not fire correctly.

With the Tippmann Gryphon, this won’t be a worry.

You can shoot thousands of rounds through it.

Even after all that shooting, the Gryphon still fires like it did the first day you opened it.

Also, because it is so reliable, you can play in any weather conditions.

Are you worried about the rain affecting your ability to fire?

With the Gryphon, you can have the same dependability as the mailman; Rain, snow, sleet or hail, it will fire.

It will even shoot when it’s caked in mud or fresh out of a puddle of water.

Sometimes a common question about the shooting comes up.

What is the Tippmann Gryphon’s FPS?

The Tippmann Gryphon fires at about 280 FPS.

See an Unboxing of the Tippmann Gryphon

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll find the users manual here.

Perfect for young players

Many parents have fallen in love with the Gryphon, and we understand why.

As a parent, you may be on the search for a paintball gun.

Once you buy it, you don’t want a gun filled with pieces that can be easily messed up.

The Gryphon has a simple, yet effective, construction.

This design means that even the most novice of players can’t mess the paintball gun beyond repair.

Additionally, the Gryphon is lightweight, weighing in at only 2.1 pounds.

This weight makes it extremely easy for young players to carry it for extended periods of play.

Also, it is only 20 inches long.

At this length, those with short arms can still maneuver around and through obstacles.

Most people feel that the inability to customize the Gryphon makes it a poor choice.

We disagree with this if you look at it from the perspective that it’s meant to be an entry-level paintball gun.

It is dependable and reliable, so the inability to change pieces becomes unimportant.

But, you can upgrade the barrel to increase the Gryphon’s range and quietness.

Maddog Tippmann Gryphon Value Pack Paintball Gun Kit

This Tippmann Gryphon review would be incomplete without talking about this kit.

Maddog is a 3rd party that packages the Tippmann Gryphon into a great value pack with everything that you need.

This paintball gun kit includes:

  • Anti-fog Mask
  • Hopper / Loader
  • CO2 Tank
  • Pods
  • Pod Harness
  • Barrel squeegee

So if you pick up the Maddog Value Pack Paintball Gun Kit here, then you’ll be ready to hit the field as soon as your package arrives.

Streamlined Design

There’s no doubt about it; the Tippmann Gryphon looks mean.

It is available in various color options, as well as skull prints.

The Gryphon looks just as good as any of the high-end markers.

Additionally, the streamlining of its design only adds to its range-appeal.

The gas system on the Gryphon is all in-line, allowing for increased ability to maneuver.

This feature also makes it more comfortable to shoot, meaning that there are no annoying gas lines to deal with while playing.

The Gryphon is one of the first entry-level markers to have this in-line gas system.

The Gryphon’s hopper placement is a center-fed design.

This design maximizes mobility, regardless of the direction the shooter is moving.

A feature like this makes the marker ambidextrous, as well.

Thus, both right-handed or left-handed shooters can use it with no changes needed.

Also, the new body frame and loader position design provide a more balanced feel.

You can feel this, especially during extended rounds of play.

Overall Performance

The manufacturers designed this marker for beginner and intermediate level players.

When you factor in this notion, the performance of the Gryphon is impeccable.

There are a few items that will take getting adjusted to when using it.

For instance, the trigger pull is short but heavy.

It is possible to shoot with two fingers but will take some adjusting.

That in mind, it can still fire up to 8 rounds a second with the gravity-fed hopper.

Also, if you can walk a trigger, doing so on the Gryphon is a breeze.

The blowback on the Gryphon is somewhat noticeable, especially when you dry fire it.

However, when shooting paintballs, it seems to drop in severity.

One of the best features for the Gryphon is its performance with low-quality paint.

During testing, when firing low-quality paintballs, there were no breaks or any issues.

You need to reduce the firing rate to prevent chopping paintballs.

But if you are sensible and don’t try to get carried away with it, there still isn’t an issue.


What amazes first-time users so much is how accurate this little paintball gun is.

This accuracy is especially the case at short ranges.

You don’t expect a gun in this price range to be accurate, but the Gryphon is.

It only has a 7-inch barrel.

Even still, it can reach distances of 50 feet before the ball starts to drop.

That’s while shooting with around 280 feet per second velocity.

You can upgrade the barrel to a 14-inch Tippmann barrel.

This simple modification can increase the Gryphon’s accuracy to over 150 feet.

This type of accuracy is all from a beginner paintball marker!

With this gun on the field, in any paintball game style, you will be a productive member of the team.

Very Little Maintenance

It does have one drawback that many people have commented on frequently.

And that drawback is how hard it can be to disassemble.

The truth is, yes, it can be hard to take apart, especially when you try to wing it and not use the user manual.

With that in mind, there’s a purpose for that.

You don’t have to take it apart completely, though it does come with all of the tools needed to do so.

The Gryphon requires no maintenance beyond your routine cleaning.

And to clean it, you don’t have to take it apart.

It contains a few moving parts.

It also has fewer o-rings than the average marker and has fewer parts that will suffer wear and tear.

Testing showed not a single issue with air leakage or paint getting anywhere it wasn’t supposed to.

This was after countless hours of shooting several thousand rounds.

Not to mention, it’s a Tippmann.

Everyone knows Tippmann guns don’t need much maintenance.

Tippmann Gryphon Review Final Words

For a beginner paintballer, there isn’t a need for an advanced paintball gun that has more options than your car.

Instead, the greatest need for a beginner is to be able to get out on the field and learn the skills of the game.

Once they get these skills, they can upgrade their gear.

That’s why the Gryphon is such an excellent marker for beginners.

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It allows beginners to hone their skills in aiming and maneuvering in the field of play.

It’s effective and efficient, making it cheap to shoot, but carries a ton of bang for its buck.

The Tippmann Gryphon is an all-around great deal for beginner and casual players.

With its look and performance, the other players won’t know it’s only a beginner’s paintball gun until it’s too late.

Azodin Blitz 3 Review – So You Don’t Look Like A Newbie In 2020

  • Updated February 15th, 2023
Illustration of a paintball player running with an Azodin Blitz 3
Illustration of a paintball player running with an Azodin Blitz 3

This Azodin Blitz 3 Review covers all of your questions regarding this marker.


    • Exceptionally Accurate
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Three firing modes


    • Louder than most
    • No on/off ASA
    • No Quick-clamp feed neck


Easy to Operate

Ideal for Beginners

Inexpensive but can hang with high-end markers

Will enhance any player’s game

Azodin Blitz 3 Review

When you first open up the Azodin Blitz 3, you notice that this is a unique weapon.You immediately realize that you’ve stepped from the beginners into the big leagues. Noticing this is especially the case if you’ve been renting paintball guns from the paintball shack. Or you've been muddling through with low-quality markers to see if you liked the sport. Either way, the Azodin Blitz 3 is a beautiful, yet amazing, paintball gun.

Technical Specs for the Blitz 3

  • 18.9 inches long
  • 2.03 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 11-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • Autococker Thread

Azodin Blitz 3 Owners Manual

The manual makes the setup a breeze.

With the Azodin Blitz 3, setting the marker up for your first outing is a breeze.

You want to make sure you’ve cleaned and oiled per manufacturer’s specifications.

All these specs will be in your user’s manual.

Read the Manual for your Blitz 3!

Easy Setup of the Blitz 3

With the Blitz 3, the regulator is also preset.

Having this preset means that you will spend less time tweaking the settings.

With the easy setup, you will have more time to send rounds downrange.

The feed neck is a screw-type, so it’s not as smooth as a quick-clamp feed neck.

However, the hopper still goes on effortlessly and doesn’t affect the performance of the paintball gun.

For best results, and less chopped paint, consider using an electronically-controlled hopper.

An upgrade like this will make sure the paint gets properly fed with each shot.

Remember, this style of guns is entirely different than your average marker.

The main difference is that the Azodin Blitz 3 allows you to adjust and tweak it.

With that in mind, familiarize yourself with the user’s manual before you change any of the settings.

Just because you can change a setting doesn’t mean you should adjust it.

Taking this advice will save you a ton of heartache by not changing the wrong components.

See an Unboxing of the Azodin Blitz 3

Is the Azodin Blitz 3 an Electronic Marker?


The Blitz 3 is an electronic marker.

The industry considers the Blitz 3 a beginner’s electronic marker but stacks up well against other low-budget paintball guns.

Its battery-operated functionality increases the control of the trigger and firing mechanisms.

Works in any style of play

What became apparent when reviewing the Blitz 3 is that this paintball gun will work in any form of the game.

Whether it be speedball or woodsball, this marker will hold its own and enhance your game.

It is durable enough to withstand the rigors of woodsball.

At the same time, it’s sleek and clean-looking enough to appear like a high-end marker in a speedball round.

Azodin Blitz 3 Features

Exceptionally Accurate, even at long ranges.

For such an inexpensive paintball gun, the stock parts on the Blitz 3 are perfect for shooting at longer ranges.

It has a stock 11-inch barrel.

Thus you can expect to hit targets upwards of 100 ft consistently.

Getting that range to 150 feet or more is possible.

All you have to do is tweak the settings to play around with the pressure and velocity.

Light Weight but Extremely Durable

The Blitz 3 is perhaps the lightest gun available on the market.

It weighs in at only 2.03 pounds.

This lightweight prevents shooters at all playing levels from having trouble carrying the marker.

Weight is a factor, especially when lugging it around for extended periods.

Most people, however, feel that a gun this light in weight isn’t durable.

This thought couldn’t be any further from the truth for the Azodin Blitz 3.

The frame on the Blitz 3 consists of a durable, nylon-reinforced composite.

This material is what allows the gun to be so light.

It also ensures that falls and dives won’t damage the marker, no matter how rough you are with it.

Furthermore, the grip is not only robust but comfortable to hold.

No pieces are digging into your hand or wrists and ruining your game.

How Much Does the Azodin Blitz 3 Cost?

The price range for the Blitz 3 fluctuates a bit.

However, you can find the marker for usually between, $150 – $170.

Where Can I Find the Azodin Blitz 3 For Sale?

You can check the price here.

Easy To Modify / Upgrade

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Blitz 3 is that you can modify it to fit different shooting styles.

For example, imagine that you’re the person who likes to be stealthy and sneak up on your enemies.

You can upgrade the barrel to make it shoot quieter which is simple.

Or, maybe you are the type of player that likes to shoot on full-auto the majority of the time.

Of course, you will go through paintballs like there’s no tomorrow.

But you can upgrade to a quick-clamp feed neck and electric hopper easily.

Either way, the Blitz 3 makes the perfect foundation for any customization and upgrades.

Firing Modes

Also, since it does have the electronic controls, the Blitz 3 has three firing modes.

These are semi-auto, full-auto, and 3-round burst.

How Fast Does the Blitz 3 Shoot?

With the semi-auto mode selected, you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

On full-auto, the firing rate is roughly 10-15 rounds per second.

If firing on modes other than semi-auto, an electric hopper is always essential.

The electronic hopper can feed the paint in fast enough.

How to Change the Azodin Blitz 3 Firing Modes

With that in mind, this paintball gun is easy on the battery.

In testing, the marker fired four cases of paint alternating between firing modes.

After all those rounds the original battery was still operating at standard capacity.

Keep in mind; this won’t be the case with a cheap, off-brand battery.

If you spend the extra few bucks to get a quality battery, you won’t have to worry about it dying in the field.

Also, always remember to take the battery out when you aren’t using it.

This precaution prevents the battery from draining or damaging the marker.

Outer Shell Looks Incredible

While looks aren’t the most critical aspect of a paintball gun, it is still a significant need.

This fact is especially true when you are competing with guys who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on their markers.

The last thing you want is to have your paintball marker look like it’s any lesser of quality.

That’s why, while the Azodin Blitz 3 performs incredible, it has the looks to back it up.

The enhanced, streamline design removes any of the distracting hoses and fittings.

The designers place them all on the inside of the paintball gun.

Also, it’s smooth lines, and quality artwork only serves to enhance its appearance.

The gun is available in many different color combinations.

One thing is true across the board; the paint job on the Blitz 3 will withstand the test of time.

You won’t have to worry about the paint chopping off after your first round.

This weapon has taken direct hits up close without a single blemish left on the paint job.

Talk about quality! You won’t have to worry about your enemies thinking any less of you based on how your marker looks.

Is the Azodin Blitz 3 A Good Paintball Gun?

Overall, the Azodin Blitz 3 is a budget paintballers dream! It is inexpensive on the initial purchase.

It is also extremely economical to customize and upgrade.

Thus, the Blitz 3 will fit any budget and any player level.

If you’re looking for a paintball gun that will last then this gun is for you.

If you’re in the market for a marker that will remain as efficient and accurate as it was on day one, this is the gun for you.

Where Can I Find A Azodin Blitz 3 Package?

If you’re looking for a package with:

  • Marker
  • Mask
  • Hopper
  • Tank
  • All Other Accessories



On top of that, even players who are learning how to play paintball can effectively operate this marker.

This paintball gun is excellent for a younger player looking to get in the sport.

It’s inexpensive for the parent and safe, as well, giving the parent one less thing to worry about regarding safety.